I’ve visited the ETO show a few times on my own but this year I had Mr Blisse with me. We went under the Smut UK banner, but I knew we’d not just be talking business as lots of friends would be there to chat to as well. Especially with the creation of the Blog Spot, which we headed straight for when we arrived.

It was a lovely, welcoming space for bloggers. Somewhere to sit down, pick up snacks and drinks and enjoy some conversation with like minded folks. The Blog Spot sported two awesome banners designed by Kev Blisse himself, and if you’d like to be on a banner for Sexhibition (with over 8 thousand visitors expected)  there’s still some spaces left so check out the Sexhibition Advertising page and get in touch!

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The Blogspot was run by the amazing team of Cara of Cara Sutra fame and the magnificent Mel from Voluptasse. They did an absolutely brilliant job and had the *best* goodie bags ever. I mean *ever* We’ve got the few bits that were left over to add to our Smut Manchester bags so look out for the treats.

So what did we do at ETO? If you want awesome run downs of everything including the awards then you need to look at Cara’s Blog and Mel’s blog on the event because they’re amazingly thorough. Count this as the Blisse Edited highlights!

We met lots of friends, ones we knew well and others new to us. We were lucky to spend lots of time with the lovely Horny Geek Girl who always seemed to have some new pretty in her hand whenever we saw her. In this pic, the pretty is Mr Blisse. ;)




We also saw some of the Brit Babes, Lily Harlem, Lexie Bay, Tabitha Rayne (who I stupidly didn’t get photos with!) and KD Grace. Kay Jaybee was around but suffering an injury, bless her. So we didn’t actually get to see her and congratulate the ETO Erotic Author of the Year. Soon, Kay, we gotta meet up soon!


We made lots of new friends sat at the Blog spot. In this pic I’m snuggled up with Cara  on the floor…it may have been nap time!


Another lovely suprise was meeting the very lovely Kinky Kitten Kim, who I’ve chatted to on twitter a time or two and is a fan of my Point Vamp series.


All round the show we bumped into new and exciting folks. We shared Lubey ice cream  on the System Jo stand with the folks from That Position. We met Tim from Magic Motion who had the most amazing flamingo ever…I’m very excited to hear about that being released to the market and he also wore a very cool hat.


I got blinged up by the Myss folks and had a long chat with our good friends at nippleicious



After looking at and playing with many of the leather pretties on the Zorba stand Kev bought me a new collar!




You may have spotted that I’m wearing two different dresses. This isn’t because I couldn’t decide and kept swapping, it’s because in the end we loved ETO so much we went back for a second day too! On both days we had some really good fun playing with the Electrastim products that Hella was showing off in the blogspot. I was a tad reticent as I wasn’t sure what to expect. I imagined a sharp, stingy not nice pain like an unexpected static electric shock and I was pleasantly surprised! We’re being zapped in this pic and we’re smiling!


My very favourite play toy was the Electrastim paddle, in fact I went back for more on the second day. I’d heartily recommend the Electrastim products in a heartbeat, it’s a sensation that’s difficult to describe but it’s good and it leaves you feeling tingly allllll over.




We had a fab time on both days and can’t wait to go back next year. Hopefully we’ll stay for the awards maybe Smut UK will be nominated or maybe my good self…or my wicked self, whichever, I don’t mind!