The Big Blisse Kiss Sunday Snog!

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! Are you ready for all these lovely kisses?


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Today’s kiss comes from Clouds, Sex and Chocolate one of three Victoria Blisse stories in House of Erotica’s latest anthology – Absolute Valentines.

Here’s the book blurb:

Valentine’s day is the perfect time for some furtive fumbling and secret sauciness. This amazing collection of nine erotic stories all with a valentine’s theme is sure to get your heart thumping, your blood pumping and your pulse racing. Written by some of the adult and romantic fiction world’s best-loved authors, this special digest is a Valentine’s treat that can be enjoyed all year round!

And now for my contribution to The Big Blisse Kiss!

I love watching the clouds float by lying in the soft, fragrant grass with the warmth of the summer sun heating my body. It’s all the better when there is a guy snuggled up beside me, feeding me my favourite chocolate. A dark, crisp bar bejewelled with pieces of sweet and spicy crystallised ginger.

“That one looks like a Church, look there’s the steeple.”

“Oh yeah,” he said, “I can see that. I have bad news, though.”


“This is the last piece of chocolate.”

He places a small chunk of sweetly bitter chocolate between my lips and I kiss his fingers as he pulls then away.

“Darn, who ate it all?”

“Maybe it was pixies?” He replies with a chuckle.

“That’s a possibility. Oh, look, that one looks like one of those old fashioned phones, you know the candlestick ones?”


“There,” I say and prod my finger at the sky, “it’s so obvious.”

“Hmm, that looks significantly suggestive to me.”


“Really,” he replied, “I think it looks like a cock.”

“You’ve got it on the brain,” I said curving my hand over his body and stroking over his crotch. I can feel him hardening through the stiff cotton of his summer shorts.

“Oh, are you complaining?”

“No,” I purr, stroking his dick, feeling it swell in response to my touch, “it’s one of the main reasons I love you.”

“Mm, good.” He kisses along the curve of my neck and I slip my hand under the waistband of his shorts as a reward for his kissing caresses on one of my hottest erogenous zones.

“You’re a naughty thing,” he whispers, “seducing me in such a public place.”

“We’ve not seen a soul all afternoon,” I reply, pulling his erection clear of his pants, “and I really don’t think the sheep in the next field care what we get up too.

“Baaa,” the sheep interject just at that moment and make us chuckle.

“See,” I smile, “they just gave us permission to fuck.”

Absolute Valentines is available now at All Romance Ebooks And with stories from myself and Lucy Felthouse, Sommer Marsden, Vanessa Sade, Scarlett Knight and other hot authors it’s the perfect gift for yourself or your lover this Valentine’s Day!

Now talking about gifts I’ve got some great prizes available for you to win! Not one, not two but three different prizes! Well, it is the BIG Blisse kiss and I don’t do things by halves.

So, the prizes!


1, A copy of Secret Surprise, my Total-E-Bound Valentine’s story from 2 years ago. It’s hot, it’s cute and it could be yours for a comment!

2, A flirt purse, mirror and assorted Victoria Blisse goodies including a homemade bath bomb!


3, A print copy of Tempting Temps vol 2, Over the Moon or Night of the Senses anthology signed by your truly. You get to pick which one you want!

How can you win? All you have to do is leave a comment on this post!

I’ll be accepting entrants until 7am GMT on the 14th February. I will announce the three winners in my blog that day!

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