The Big Blisse Kiss 2012!

I’m really pleased to reveal the next big thing from Ms Blisse, the Grande Madam of snogging! We’re talking about the biggest Sunday Snog EVER!

Its so big, it’s got it’s own website.


There will be kisses, lots of hot kisses but the difference is there will also be prizes! Every author who signs up for the Big Blisse Kiss on the 12th February will be giving away a prize. So all you’ll have to do is go over to their site, enjoy reading their excerpt then comment upon them. If you do this on each blog you’ll be in with a chance to win loads and loads of awesome prizes.

So you get snogs, snogs and more snogs and the chance to win loads of brilliant prizes. How good is that? And if you keep an eye on blissekiss between now and the big day you will find lots of lovely treats in the form of original flash fiction pieces from all your favourite erotica authors…including me!

I spoil you, I really do.

Look out for more info coming soon!