Release day, yee haw! Today Temporary Insanity is released, here’s the blurb:

Two guys, a girl and an office sex bet.

Caroline hates working at Forbes and Richardson until she walks in on Matt and Connor kissing passionately against the photocopier. They admit they enjoy being watched and invite her to be the voyeur to their exhibitionism.

Watching leads to participation as the three of them agree on a bet that makes the working day all the more fun and definitely sexier. How brave is Caroline? What risks is she willing to take to get her ultimate prize -a threesome with the two hottest execs in the company.

Do you fancy an excerpt? Yeah, alright, let me find something hot, hot, hot for you!

I went directly to Matt’s office. I couldn’t wait to tell him I wanted to join in.

“So what’s your answer then?” he asked, his eyes wide, his fingers tapping on the desk.

I couldn’t resist stringing him along for a bit.

“I’ve been thinking it over, and I am not sure…”

Connor walked into the office at just that moment and gasped dramatically. “Aww, don’t tell me you’re not going to join in!” He pouted and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Well…” I paused for effect. I tried not to look at them because I knew if I did I’d just laugh.

“We’ll up our bet to fifteen thousand.” Matt said in a level tone. His finger was still tapping though.

I really hadn’t been playing for extra money and the new offer panicked me into giving the game away. “Oh, I was only playing with you. I wasn’t after any more money. I was going to say yes, I was just being cheeky.”

“Really?” Connor looked relieved. “Well, our offer still stands—”

Matt looked stern. “Does it? I don’t see why it should, she was playing us for fools.”

“Look, I’m sorry lads, I didn’t mean to upset you. I just thought—”

“I’m not sure I want to continue with this whole thing if you’re just going to play games.”

I could feel tears pricking at my eyes. I really had only been kidding about, but now my fantasy come true was slipping through my fingers.

Connor leaned in and whispered in Matt’s ear. I waited, wondering how I could explain that I was genuinely interested. Matt nodded and the very barest hint of hope showed through the grime of my disappointment.

“Okay, Connor has come up with an arrangement that might work.”

I nodded eagerly. I probably looked like a loyal dog eager to please my master.

“We will continue with the wager and up our stake to fifteen K as promised if you are willing to take a punishment for being cheeky.”

“What punishment?”

“Fifteen spanks, right here, over my lap.”

“Oh.” I was a little scared by that prospect. I had been attracted to the idea when it was Connor’s cute arse on the line but could I really do it myself? I wasn’t too sure.

“And I’ll open the office door a crack so the act will count towards your bet total. What do you say?” Connor’s blue eyes sparkled and I could see how eager he was for me to say yes.
Looking from one man to the other, I realised that I had been skilfully manoeuvred into this position. This had nothing to do with real punishment and all to do with starting off our week of activities with a bang.

“Okay.” I let the word rush out of my mouth before I could overthink it. “I’ll do it.”

“Yay!” Connor jumped a little and clapped his hands together with glee. As he scurried to the door I walked towards Matt.
“Okay, over my knee, now.”

I hesitated. I was afraid I’d hurt him. I’m not a waif of a woman by any stretch of the imagination and I didn’t want my first proper sexual interaction with the lads to turn into a farce. “Matt, are you sure? I’m not so very light, and I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Now!” He snapped. “Get over my lap, girl, and stop with the insubordination. You will call me ‘sir’ and you will do what I say as soon as I say it. That was your first and last warning, Miss Black. ”

“Yes, sir.” I rushed the last few steps over to him.

He’d pulled his chair away from the desk and turned it to the right. After opening the door. Connor sat in the same spot I’d occupied the day before. I draped myself over Matt’s lap with my more anonymous end pointing towards the door. If anyone came past they wouldn’t instantly know it was me.

“That’s better. Let’s have that level of obedience immediately in future, Miss Black.”

“Yes, sir.” My fingers brushed against the floor and I pressed them down to help me balance. The blood rushed to my head as it hung, and for a moment I regretted my decision to go through with this whole crazy dare.

Matt raised my short skirt over my buttocks. A zing of pure sexual arousal filled my body with warmth.

“Nice knickers,” Connor remarked. I smiled over at him.

“Hush, boy.” Matt scolded. “Don’t distract her or you’ll be next over my knee.”

“Sorry, sir.” He replied and winked at me. I was pretty certain that a threat of physical punishment didn’t hold any kind of fear for him whatsoever. He’d enjoy every spank of it.

“As pretty as this lacy little number is, I want to spank your bare skin.” Matt pulled the red, racy knickers down, over my bottom.

I was very aware of how surreal the whole thing was. I’d barely even kissed the man before and here he was pulling off my undergarments. It felt delightfully dirty.

“Okay, brace yourself. I will not hold back, this will hurt. If you wiggle or try to cover up your delectably delicious arse you will receive five extra spanks. If you do it more than once your remaining spanks will become strikes with the cane. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” I said again. It seemed they were the only words I could say.

The first spank surprised me a little, but didn’t hurt. It was a pleasant sensation, feeling his strong hand make contact with my buttock.

At the third spank I felt the sting. Up until then I had been lost in contemplation, considering the strength of his hand, the insistent press of his burgeoning cock against my stomach and the gaze of his boyfriend prickling over my skin.

My kinky fantasy had come true. I had imagined myself in this position or something similar all weekend since I had seen Connor’s punishment on Friday.

Then it hurt. The slaps were not soft and teasing but firm and aggressive. The higher the count increased the more I yelped and wiggled with each impact on my tightened skin.

“Oh come on now, be a good girl, I haven’t got into double figures yet and you’re wriggling about making it all difficult for me.” Matt snapped.

“I am sorry, sir,” I tried to hold myself still as the next spank arrived. “But I’ve never been smacked like this before.”

“I’m surprised,” he replied without stopping in his continuous reign of punishment. “You’re such a naughty girl with such a delectable soft bum. I feel honoured to be the first to spank it.”

The pain didn’t exactly go away but something else began to burn through it. My hot bottom was over-sensitized, and a melting heat flared up inside of me that shot pleasure

straight from my pussy to my brain and everywhere in between.
“I think she’s getting it now, boss,” Connor exclaimed with glee. “Her face is glowing with arousal.”

“She’s a natural,” Matt added. “A real slut who just needed opportunity to shine.”

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