Take what is Yours

Subdue my lips

With your own.

Press them down with hard kisses

Show them who’s boss with piercing nibbles,

fasten them together with the weight of your desire.

Choke me

With your power

Grasp and squeeze until the breath rattles free.

Until I surrender everything under your clasping hand.

Take my breath away and give it back at your whim.

Test my flesh

with your teeth.

Temper your bite with my softness,

 Cover thoroughly your beautiful blank canvas and

imprint beautiful bruised works of art across my body.

Fill my mouth

With a forceful fuck.

Make me gag on your arousal.

Thrust your lust along my tongue,

use me, take what you need and give me what I want.

Explode over me

With soul shaking slaps and bone crunching punches.

Viciously scrawl ownership over your quivering pain slut.

Leave me lasting visceral reminders

 that I am yours.