Take me Out of my Mind.


Take me out of my Mind.

I don’t want to ask

I want to be asked.

I don’t want to spill my mess out before anyone cares.

Because it’s a trip hazard.

For me as well as everyone else.

And a mess gets judgement

I can see it in eyes

hear in sighs

audible and implied.

I don’t want that.

I want to be seen


or distracted.


I’d settle for a little sprinkle of attention

Like parsley on a micro meal.

I want something real




Something to take me out of my mind.

Be it by kind words of comfort

or primal rhythms of lust.

Distracting words

Caring actions

Placating vibes.


I don’t want to ask

Don’t make me ask.

Just love me

A little louder.


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