Selfie of V with a purple top and leopard print skirt

I was twitterpated with Acacia from the first time I saw them. Cute twinkly eyes, adorable smile in the most gorgeous face. Yep. Twitterpated. Can’t remember if I met Acacia before we matched on a dating app, I kinda think I’d at least seen them at a distance before that point, but the chat certainly cemented that I wanted to spend more time with this delightful human.

We made plans. And they got cancelled, which happens. I had a little sad buuuuuuut plans were re-made and all the happy came back again especially as it was solidified that they would like to be mean to me. And we all know how much I love hot people being mean to me!

I was so nervous going into Kage. I had that new play excitement set deep in the pit of my stomach and kept an eye out for Acacia, when I spotted them I grinned manically to myself, then when they saw me I grinned sweetly (I hope!) at them. We both said how excited we were for play, mentioned what our immediate plans were and agreed to meet up later.

I was still a little on edge, but in that fun anticipatory way that is actually kinda pleasant even though it’s a bit torturous too.  What? You know I like torture, people. That is not a revelation. It was approximately half way through the event when we met up again and went to look for a place to play. Which was an epic task. We walked around a lot until we decided on a dark corner in the dungeon. Reluctantly, as it’s always good to be able to see what you’re doing.

As we sat doing pre-scene negotiations and comparing of kit, we were lucky that the better lit room with the rack in it came free so we leapt in there. I settled myself down and lost myself in the rhythm of Acacia’s hands on my thighs and my butt. They started gently, as I expected but the pace picked up and as soon as I got to making little noises I felt their sadist really click in.

We had a bunch of implements to play with. Acacia took a tour through some of mine, picking the lovely studded paddle which is my favourite as one of (maybe the) first item used. Now this is where I got to yelping and squealing. And when I expressed my ouch Acacia giggled.

Now, I can tell you there’s nothing sexier or more sinister than a meanie giggling. Acacia has the sweetest tinkling giggle but with each impact that got a reaction that giggle got more maniacal. I really do imagine they were rubbing their cute hands together and arching their brows between hits. I was most assuredly at the mercy of a sexy villain and I was totally down with that.  I did NOT need rescuing at all.

They grabbed hold of my letterbox metal paddle and had fun hitting me with it, until my butt broke a bit, and blood was shed. It wasn’t far into the beating so we decided to pop that particular implement down and work with other things. However, plans were plotted for a full on scene with that paddle involving plastic sheeting and the thorough enjoyment of splattering blood.

God. How sexy is that?

Sexy villain planning to get me in a kill room.


I’m pretty sure they’re not a serial killer…but they’re so hot and mean I’m willing to take the risk.

There’s such variety in the ways people hurt me. No two meanies do it the same. Even if using the same implements. I especially love when I’m surprised. And Acacia really surprised me with their rolling pin. I was expecting a thump, thump bat type pain and braced for it. But no. They used the rolling pin on me as if my thighs were dough. And my GOD it hurt. Scrunching, pressing, aching, deep down to the bone and back agony.

My response was explosive and loud. I was squeaking and squealing before, I got to screaming and yelling when I was rolled out like dough.

So of course Acacia did that for a good while. We both laughed a lot as part of this new and torturous experience which was a delightful contrast to the very serious beating scene sounds coming from other parts of the dungeon. Don’t get me wrong, serious and intense is something I enjoy sometimes but I always think there’s room for some hearty laughter in any scene.

Acacia asked me after a while how long I could keep going. I answered that I could keep going all day so it’d be best if they decided when they were done. I was having such a lovely time that when we finished I was a little disappointed but more so I was happy and floaty and already looking forward to more.

Snuggles and chats finished our scene. Both of us tripping over each other to say how much fun we’d had and how much we looked forward to further scenes.  Hopefully soon I’ll be writing about those because now I’ve had a taste of this adorable meanie I’m eager for more of their sweet, sweet sadism.