Surprise! Victoria Gets Choked #MasturbationMonday




It was a good night to start with. We were at a party for a friend. It had been kept completely secret so his face when he put on the light and we all shouted ‘Surprise!’ was an absolute picture. There were many people there who were good friends. We conversed easily and laughed. I even met a new beautiful Venator club/truncheon which was a sheer delight. As was the resulting offer of (one day) being double topped by the gorgeous and delightful Ric and Maenad . Yay, lucky me.

Kev and I talked about play, but both got caught up in conversation, so it was much later in the evening when we finally headed into the dungeon, handily, just as it emptied out. As we set up, Ric and Maenad walked in. Maenad pronounced that if Kev would like to hit her with things he could and so I said (clearly just to be polite ;) ) that Ric could hit me if he wanted to.

It can be nice to be alone in the dungeon when playing, but there is something  about having other people around, hearing the various noises of impacts on flesh and the resulting shouts, screams, moans and yelps.  I think I enjoy it so much because the first time Kev and I played we were surrounded by lots of people doing various scenes and it was a comfort, to have a whole community around. I still feel that comfort now.

Kev isn’t a natural sadist, but he does sometimes love to beat me because he knows I love the pain. He also enjoyed hitting Maenad for the same reason. She truly enjoyed it! Especially when he hit her whilst Ric choked her.

Now, up until not too long ago I thought I had no interest in breathplay whatsoever.  It really freaked the shit out of me. Now recently, I’ve seen it being done and, I must confess, my curiosity has overtaken my fear. On certain aspects, anyway.

So when Maenad suggested that I might enjoy being choked and hit simultaneously and Ric volunteered to show me, I said yes.

Firstly, I want you all to know that I have known Ric and Maenad for quite some time and I trust both of them implicitly. I also have seen Ric performing various choke holds on several occasions. I know he knows his stuff.

V’s Note of Caution: Breathplay is, quite obviously, serious shit. Do your research before hand and if in doubt -don’t do it.

We talked about it first. Ric, talked about what he would do and Maenad told me how it feels. Now of course, we didn’t start out with choking AND beating. That would be a bit much. We just did the choking bit first. Not a sentence I ever thought I would write.

I took a seat. I didn’t feel nervous or scared. That might have been the fact I’d just been beaten for a while so I was in the nice, happy, post-beating contentment stage.  Even when Ric put his hand around my throat, I didn’t panic.

It wasn’t until I got to the point I couldn’t breathe that any kind of panic kicked in and he let go before it became too intense. I felt a calm, past the action, that the control was out of my hands, I should just sit back and enjoy the floaty, fun, feels. I was instantly spacey.

Floaty, is something I achieve from play regularly. Spacey is something I’ve only experienced a handful of times and it always takes one hell of a beating to get me to that zone. A few seconds choking and I was at spacey. Wow. I suddenly realised why people enjoy it so.

After a few minutes to recover, Ric got me in a V hold. Yes, I do like to be held, ha, but it refers to the shape of the person’s arm as they perform it. Now the V hold was intense. I was surrounded by Ric, which is not a bad place to be. Ric gives the best hugs. So at first I just relaxed into him but within moments I couldn’t breathe. Not one jot. My breath rattled in my lungs (a sound I am used to as an asthmatic, but it’s not fun) I tried to pull in air and nothing. I didn’t hit panic, terror, yes but I trusted Ric and as I came to my limit he said:

‘Tap my arm if your hearing goes’ and just then my hearing started to dim and I tapped his arm so he released me immediately. Everything flooded back and the ecstasy of breathing was glorious. I felt so high, so happy, so damn spacey. I am sure my face must have been a picture.

And yes. I enjoyed the choking so much I agreed to a choke and spank combination. I climbed onto the spanking bench and Maenad stood behind with the wonderful evil truncheon. She hit me relatively lightly, but I understand why. I enjoyed the strikes, they pulled me away from the ‘shit, I can’t breathe’ thoughts and when let go I wanted more.

There is something very primal about having a hand around your throat. It certainly made me submissive and compliant and oh so eager to take more hits, not that I’m ever averse, but you know what I mean.

I really want to try more, do more and get hit harder next time. My curiosity is not yet sated.

I like being choked – who knew!



Victoria Blisse

Victoria Blisse is known as the Queen of Smut, Reverend to the kinky and is the Writer in Residence at Cocktails and Fuck Tales. She’s also an angel. Ask anyone. Mancunian Odd Duck, her northern English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories along with her own particular brand of humour and romance that bring laughs and warm fuzzies in equal measure. Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life.

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  • I do like a hand on my throat but chocking and breath play are a huge hard limit for me. I actually found myself getting a bit anxious reading about your experience, which surprised me to be honest but it shouldn’t have really, you are an excellent writer and I was totally in the moment with you, hence my reaction.


    • I completely get you. I thought it might be a hard limit of mine, which I guess means it was always a soft limit. I totally understand your reaction (and thanks for crediting my writing for it) and I realise it’s definitely not something for everyone. I don’t think it’ll be something I do a lot…but now and then, yeah. That instant spacey thing is amazing.

  • I have never done both breath play and a spanking, and I think I’d love it. We had to stop breath play when my anxiety got really bad as having my air cut off could send me into a panic attack. Which is no fun because I love it when he takes my (literal) breath away. But gawd, to be spanked and choked at the same time is a fantasy of mine! Maybe one day we will…

    • I must say, I rather enjoyed it, and want to do more. Maybe one day you’ll get it, I hope so. It’s fun :)

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