There is nothing like sharing the kitchen and its duties with another person, especially if that person is a hunky American with the tendency to pinch my bottom as he walks past.

“Right, I ’ve finished those sandwiches. ” He smiles, reaching out a hand and fondling my naked bottom under the edge of my long, white T-shirt.

“Excellent, I do believe that ’s everything then; ” I look up at the clock. “time I was getting dressed. ”

Mike pulls an overly sad face, “Aww, do you gotta? ” He whines, his American drawl pronounced.

“Yes, I gotta. ” I mimic his intonation and pinch his cheek in jest. He reaches round me, and grabs a buttock in each hand, he presses his lips down on mine with so much passionate pressure it makes me gasp for air when our lips finally part.

“I still gotta. ” I smile, “But now I wish I could stay here all night with you. ”

“We can have some fun at the party still. ” he says, hands casually resting on my waist as he leans in close to my ear. “Just make sure you wear a skirt and no panties and we ’ll have lots of fun. ”

“Promise? ” I ask, my heart thudding, my cheeks flushed.

“Promise. ” he smiles down at me, his light eyes shining with sexy secrets.

“Good. ” I kiss his cheek and run off up the stairs. Does he know how much he ’s just turned me on? The idea of possibly, maybe having sex at a party, amongst virtual friends (they ’re not strangers, I ’ve been speaking to them online for what seems like forever) excites me immensely.

Getting dressed is not a long drawn out process, I had chosen my dress days before as I planned for this UK meet of erotically minded people. It ’s simple red cotton, buttons up the front, the bottom two left loose so that as I walk and when I sit you can glimpse my long lithe legs through the slit. The top is v-necked and sinks low enough to reveal ample amounts of my creamy cleavage. It is beautifully shaped to make the most of my curves, pulled in at the waist to show off my hips and my breasts. Simply sexy.

“Just like me. ” I chuckle out loud as I slip my feet into matching red low-heeled shoes.

“What did you say? ” Mike pops his head round my open door, and I jump a little.

“Oh I was talking to myself. Are you ready then? ” He walks over towards me.

“I am. ” he replies, “I challenge any man alive to see you in that dress and to not be ready. ”

His eyes roam my body, and I twirl for him, giggling.

“Charmer. ” I smile as I end up in his arms.

“Charming. ” he retaliates and slips his hands up under my skirt, where they stroke over my naked flesh “Very charming! ”

I grin up at him, a blush flushing my face.

“And you can add cute to that list too. ” he adds, his eyes gazing into mine as his hand trails over my hip and his fingers then slip down through my springy pubic hair and between my damp folds. “And hot, very hot. ”

I bury my head in his shoulder, coyly appreciating the comments of such a sexy guy. I let his fingers explore my folds as I breath in his citrus spiced aftershave and enjoy the feel of his cotton blue shirt under my cheek as his finger coaxes and strokes my clit to arousal. He steps away from my body but instead of walking away as I expect he plucks at my dress, pulling open the buttons and sinks to his knees, peeling open the dress sides and looking me straight in the pussy.

“No knickers, good. ”

His fingers prise me open and the tip of his tongue flicks maddeningly slowly over my clit.

“Oh fuck, We ’ve not got time for this … ” I groan.

“There is always time for this. ” he smiles up at me as his tongue laps over my clit. I close my eyes and stop worrying, letting my body wallow in the ecstasy coursing through it ’s veins. His hands slip down my thighs and then, with just a gentle push, I topple backwards and thud down onto the bed. I giggle and then gasp as Mikes hands run up my thighs. His face is there, between my thighs and his tongue is probing between my lips, seeking out my clit. He drives me to scream his name as he artfully flicks it over and over sending bolts of joy through me, my whole body vibrating with sexual tension.

His tongue slips between my lips and sinks into my tight, juicy hole, flicking back and forward. I squirm as I moan and pant, I feel as if I ’m spinning out of control and when his strong tongue once again sets to flicking across my clit with a hard rhythm I totally loose it. Thrashing and grasping the duvet in my hands I cum, long and hard with a yell that surprises me with its loud intensity. Just as I lie panting, my mobile rings.

“That was Paul, they ’re all over at the pub, they ’ll be at the club in an hour. Fuck, we better get going. ”

I fasten up my dress and we rush out, my pussy still throbbing.

“They ’ll be here soon! ” I flap the teat towel in my hand as I panic.

“Calm down. ” Mike grabs the tray and places it neatly in the only gap left on the packed table. “DJ is set up, food is out, bar is open. Everything is fine. Breathe Jane, Breathe. ”

I let out a shuddering breath.

“Sorry, I get a bit erm, yeah. Sorry. ” I snuggle into his chest, being there makes everything seem right, his protective arms around me shielding me from the stresses and strains of playing hostess. Of course there is a deeper worry in my mind, but Andy wouldn ’t dare turn up now would he? Not after nigh on raping me in the club last night. Last night, I feel like it was so much further back in time than that, the ecstasy of being (in every sense of the word,) with Mike has left the horror of Andy ’s forced kisses and caresses in the back of my mind, just a distant, unpleasant memory.

“I ’ll look after you. ” He whispers into my hair, his cheek resting on top of my head. “Don ’t worry. ” he must have sensed the unease in the tightness of my hug, and I squeeze momentarily harder.

“Thanks. ” I reply. “I know you will. ”

“So this is what she ’s been up to all day, ” the booming voice of Rose, echoes across the musty smelling hall, “snuggling with the sexy American. ”

I turn towards her voice, Mike ’s arms still lightly holding me.

“Can you blame me? ” I ask, watching her deep brown eyes looking up and down my man in appraisal.

“Not at all ” she replies, a seductive pout turning into a broad grin and an echo of laughter leads into greetings and hugs and the start of a party.

It ’s going well, people are mingling, dancing and eating my lovingly prepared food. I haven ’t been able to spend as much time with Mike as I ’d like. I ’ve been mingling, letting people know I ’m ok and generally fielding questions about what Mike and I have been up to all day. My pussy throbs distractingly every time someone asks and I can feel my juices coating my thighs, ready for Mike, whenever we next get to fuck.

A camera flash goes off somewhere in the corner and suddenly I remember that I left my camera in the car. I really want to take some photo ’s of the proceedings so I excuse myself from the dancing bevy of sexy ladies and head outside, across the road and to my battered but cute automobile. The American word jumps to mind unbidden and makes me smile, Mike must be rubbing off on me, mmmm what a delightful mental image.

I click open the door and lean in, open the glove box and fish around from my camera. Damning the trend for smaller and smaller technology I stretch further in, scrabbling round for the palm sized square. It finally falls under my fingers and I leap in surprise as fingers pinch into my stretched buttocks. I stumble off the pavement and bang my knees on the edge of the passenger seat as I land.

“You do look delicious on your knees. ”

I stiffen as the familiar voice oozes through the air to my ears, it isn ’t the tempting, teasing voice of my American lover but the harsh, spittle filled notes of Andy ’s repugnant voice.

“I ’d ask if you ’re pleased to see me, ” he laughs harshly “but I doubt you can see me from there. Can you feel me though? ” his hand runs over my buttock and I edge forward on my knees, shuddering in fear and anger. “Don ’t move, don ’t scream or I will do more than scratch you with my nails. ”

I feel a tear drip down my cheek. Why the fuck did I come out here alone? Mike doesn ’t even know I ’m not in the building. I feel my skirt being inched up my legs and I shudder, my skin aching to be away from his fingers, my flesh sparking painfully as the skirt edge tickles past the bottom edge of my buttocks.

“Get the fuck away from my woman. ” Mike ’s voice carries over the narrow back street, his shoes clicking and echoing on the tarmac as he strides towards the car. “Fuck off you pervert and leave her alone. ”

“Why? What are you going to do about it? ” Andy sneers,

Mike doesn ’t utter a word but I hear scuffling behind me and my skirt is dropped. I hear the dull thud of a fist hitting flesh and the low “oomph ” off air escaping from a mans lungs. I back out of the car, stand up and push the door shut. Turning round I bump into a familiar strong chest.

Mikes arms wrap around me and claim my lips for a soft, loving kiss. “Are you ok? ”

“Yes, thanks. Again! ” I smile sheepishly.

“You ’re welcome, but what were you doing out here all on your own? ” He crinkles his brows sternly, but his eyes are still smiling,

“I just didn ’t think. I was only coming to get my camera. How did you find me? ”

“I wondered where you were. I happened to ask Rose and she said you were just going out to the car, so I ran down to check you were ok. ”

“Thank God. ” I kiss him again, my lips press hard against his and I hold him close, grasping him to me as I pour out my gratitude in a long, lingering kiss.

Mike ’s hands run down over my back, comforting and at the same time arousing me. His kiss is fiercely passionate, I can feel his heart thudding hard against my chest, the adrenalin still flowing through him. I want him. My mind is completely consumed by his body, his heat and the hesitant bump pressing into my pelvis. I run a hand over his chest, plucking at his sensitive nipples through his cotton shirt. He growls into my mouth and breaks away, kissing down my neck, biting and nipping as he goes.

“Oh God, Mike. ” I groan as he nibbles and sucks on my neck, I feel as if my body melts and I lean harder against him, my legs only just holding me up. One hand cups my breast then slips between us and pops open a couple of the buttons on my dress. His fingers grip the weight of my breast through the lacy material of my bra, roughly he pulls the cup down and grasps and squeezes my breast, rubbing his thumb over my taut nipple.

“Mike, someone might see us. He might see us. ”

“Let the sad pervert watch. Let him see that you ’re mine. Don ’t deny it Jane, this is turning you on and baby, I don ’t think I can stop. ”

He pulls back from me, grasping both sides of my dress in his hands. Tugging sharply the buttons fall from their fastened positions and expose my naked pussy to the cool late evening air.

His body is pushed against me again, his lips claim mine and his fingers slip down into my hot wet slit.

“Fuck, you are turned on. ” he hisses as he kisses over my cheeks, my chin, my neck, any area of flesh his lips fall on. “Good God you ’re a hot piece of ass. ” he croons, his hands going round to cup my buttocks. I lock one leg around him and he slips a hand under my thigh to hold me up. I feel my wet exposed cunt rub up and down the heavy cotton of his trousers, feeling his cock trying to break through and fuck me.

“Mike … ”

The words won ’t drop from my mouth, but I want to feel him inside of me now. He ’s right, being out here, being so exposed is arousing me.

His body is pushed against me again, his lips claim mine and his fingers slip down into my hot wet slit. I groan and grind my hips against him, forcing his fingers deep inside of me. The hint of danger, the possibility of someone watching, even of my attacker watching drives me to dizzying heights of arousal.

I hear Mike fumbling with the zip of his trousers, his fingers slipping from my hungering pussy. I reach a hand down and help him snap open the button and free himself from the confines of his black trousers and boxers. I look down between our bodies and groan as his hard cock springs into sight.

I watch him as he runs it up and down my wet slit, then I cannot take the pleasure anymore and have to close my eyes, throwing my head back as he forces his cock into my willing, waiting pussy. We both moan as he slips in till our stomachs touch and he is fully embedded inside me.

Gripping my thigh he begins to push and pull himself in and out of me. I feel so slutty being fucked like this, my naked breast poking out from my bra, my dress hanging off my shoulders and exposing my flesh to the air and to the view of anyone looking. Being fucked by a virtually fully dressed guy makes me feel even more deliciously dirty.

“Jane, you ’re so hot. ” his teeth nibble on my neck, he bites down as he fucks me and I cry out, angling my pelvis so he can get more of him inside of me. My hands run down through his hair and scratch at his shoulders. I feel him building and I slip a hand between us. I feel my clit, hot hard and wet with my juices and I rub it up and down frantically as the passion builds.

“Yes, cum for me. ” he growls as his hips buck with greater passion, as he pulls my leg closer around his waist the extra bump sets off the alarm in my clit, it rings and vibrates like an old fashioned alarm clock as I scream out and dig my nails deeper into his shoulders and back. He slams inside of me and bites down on my shoulder, the harsh pain making me grind against him once more, hitting my sensitised clit and sending a rush of hot pleasure through my whole body.

He pulls away from me after kissing my cheek and fastens his pants. I hurriedly paw my breast back inside my bra and attempt to fasten up my dress buttons with shaking fingers. Mike comes close to help me and I smile at him, kissing his lips.

“Lets get back to the party, they ’ll wonder where we ’ve been. ”

Walking into the room a catcall goes up and hands clap loudly, we wonder what the excitement is about but the shouts of “bravo! ” “good show! ” and “encore! ” Make us wonder. Rose comes over to us and pulls us over to a large window at the side of the dance floor. Looking out of it you can see my car and the wall behind it.

They had seen us fucking.

I flush bright red but the embarrassment is tinged with excitement and pride. Mike speaks up,

“We ’re glad you enjoyed the show, you perverts! ”

And the room echoes with laughter.

© Victoria Blisse