Sunday Snog:Tattoo Kisses witha Bad Boy #InkedErotica @sexylittlepages


Happy Easter Sunday Snoggers. Today’s kiss is very colourful although it has nothing to do with chocolate or eggs!

Tattoos are intimate and personal, yet can hide as much as they reveal…

This superb collection of erotic stories will have you squirming in your seat! Inked contains first tattoos in Company Ink and first times in Scissoring. An intrepid ink artist crosses galaxies to save mankind in The Voron-Kali Emperor’s New Clothes whilst closer to home, a sub make a lifetime promise to her Master in Commitment.

In Venomous Ink, a vibrant tattoo shows there’s much more than meets the eye whilst an art student longs to ink the object of her desire with her permanent markers, in Sign Your Name. An uptight commuter finds herself attracted to her polar opposite in Uncovering Heather, while the ultimate Dom looks to get what he deserves in Her Midnight Roses.

And in Nine Lives, a top tattoo artist has never forgotten one particular customer and when they reconnect, she discovers he has new ink for each new life.

Edited by Anna Sky, Inked contains nine sexy and provocative stories from Gregory L. Norris, Annabeth Leong, Victoria Blisse, Zak Jane Keir, Harley Easton, Jillian Boyd, Alain Bell, Lilya Loring and Katya Harris.


Heather’s tracing Jet’s tattoos as she gets to know him better.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” I ask, kissing up his arm to the shoulder.

“Yeah, but I just kinda zone it out. It’s not bad pain. It’s constructive, therapeutic.”

“I think you’re addicted.”

“Might be. Got my wolf next to top off my totem.”

I continue my kisses up to the neck piece, he cranes his head back so I can see it properly.

“It’s a fierce statement.” I pepper kisses through the ruffled fur and bared teeth, “didn’t you worry about it being so visible?”

“No,” he coughs as I pause and suck a patch of naked skin just below his ear. I’m enjoying my leisurely exploration. “It’s me. I’m a lone wolf, howling at the moon and standing out from the crowd. If you don’t like Wolfie, you won’t like me.”

“Wolfie?” I lift my lips from his skin and giggle.

“Yes, I name all my animal tattoos.”

“Very imaginative.” I nod, eyes widening in mirth.

“Oh here’s the naughty girl,” Jet purrs and stills my giggles with his lips. There’s no soft introduction, his mouth possesses mine and soon I’m groping round for something to hold on to, blasted by the intensity of his kiss. I find his chest and slide my hands down to his sides, needing to grip more tightly. “I want to see more.”

He rips the jacket down my arms roughly, I’d yell normally—this cost me a fortune, it’s personally tailored—but I want to feel his hands on me. He throws it to the floor then starts on the buttons of my blouse. Before I know it I’m sitting in just my boring work bra and skirt and he’s devouring every inch of my skin with his gaze and then with his hands and his kisses.


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