Sunday Snog with Smutty Chocolate.


As we’ve got lovely print copies of Smut for Chocoholics and More Smut for Chocoholics that we had out for Sale at the Manchester Alternative and Burlesque Fair yesterday, I thought I’d share a chocolatey snog from my story in the first volume.

kev smut stall jul 14

Sensual, Sinful Chocolately Indulgence is the theme of this erotic anthology, edited by Kev “Mitnik” Blisse with assistance from Victoria Blisse.

Smut for Chocoholics is all about indulgence, taking wicked delight in the erotic consumption and use of chocolate, with tales from some of erotica’s finest authors. Whatever your relationship with the seductive cocoa, there’s something nestling between the covers for you.

Smut for Chocoholics contains tales from Victoria Blisse, Giselle Renarde, Lexie Bay, Annabeth Leong, Lily Harlem, Violet Fields, Nicole Gestalt, Tamsin Flowers, Tenille Brown, Vanessa de Sade, Wendi Zwaduk and Lucy Felthouse

My Story in the anthology is called ‘The Chocolate Addict’ and is set in a cute little chocolate shop, Max and Maria have gone upstairs to her flat and are playing interesting games with the box of Chocolates Max purchased. They’ve just started a game involving the salted caramel centres…

I don’t wait for him to respond since he’s got his mouth full. I lean forward and turn my head to the side so I’m slanted against his mouth. I extend my tongue and whip it around the treat, tickling his lips as I do so. I move closer and change the direction of my attack, never biting, always licking, trying to curve my tongue all the way around the treat to get as much of it to melt into my mouth as possible. I don’t want the shell to crack unexpectedly, I want to make a hole and let it ooze out into my mouth.

Max is very patient; I can hear his breathing deepening with every whip and suck of my lips. His tongue wiggles against mine, I don’t know if it’s purely to feel me or if the chocolate drips are rolling down onto him. It feels good and I am a little distracted, I push a little harder than I meant to and the chocolate shell gives way. I try to gather up the caramel but some escapes and dribbles onto his chin. I lick it up and return to his lips. The chocolate rests on his tongue, how he leaves it there without swallowing I don’t know. I kiss him and the sweet salty combination coats my mouth and his, we share that last few bites and when they melt away they leave nothing but sugary satisfaction and sexual need between us.

Want more story? Then you can pick up Smut for Chocoholics here. I suggest getting some chocolate too, you’re going to need it! If you want a print copy and to meet us smutters in person make sure to visit the Manchester Alternative and Burlesque Fair on the 4th October. We’ll have lots of smut books for you to peruse!

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