Sunday Snog -Wild Rendezvous.

As it is Father’s day today I thought I would find an excerpt from one of my books highlighting a dad. It wasn’t as easy as I thought but in the end I found Joe from my Rubenesque Rendezvous books. He isn’t the birth father of Leanna’s daughter Lucy but he is her Dad in every other sense of the word and that is what really counts.

The snog today is from Wild Rendezvous, the third book in the series.


Wedding bells start to ring and as Leanna works single handedly to keep her family the strain starts to show. A rare break gives Joe the opportunity to arrange the wildest rendezvous of all. Where he dominates Leanna in the public park with an audience to witness her spanking. But when Joe’s mother arrives a few days before the wedding Leanna soon learns why he came to the UK to get away from her. When Joe runs away again what can she do to get him back? Will Leanna’s dream wedding happen at all?

Joe’s mum has arrived unexpectedly at Leanna’s house. This is the scene that greets her after a long day at work.

‘Joe, love, tea smells lovely. Cinnamony, in fact,’ I spout, trying to alleviate some of the tension.

‘Tea? Oh no, dear, this is coffee, not that disgusting weak brew you Brits like.’

‘Mother, she means the evening meal.’ He sighs.

‘Yes, we call our evening meal “tea” here in the north.’ ‘Oh, how very peculiar,’ she replies with something approaching a smile or it could have been a grimace. ‘I call it dinner.’

‘I made a pie.’ Joe decides to completely ignore his mother. ‘Lucy helped.’

‘Yes, the poor urchin was covered in flour when I arrived.’ Joe’s mum butts in again.

‘Did you have fun baking?’ I speak directly to Lucy, who giggles and nods.

‘So we have apple pie for dessert and we’ve got chicken salad for tea. In fact, it just needs serving up.’

‘Brilliant.’ I smile. ‘You’re a star, Joe.’ I put Lucy on the floor. ‘OK, bub, show me the way to the food.’ She giggles, grabs my hand and pulls me over to the dining table. I try hard not to pick up on what Joe’s mum is mumbling about but she doesn’t seem to like the idea of people not hearing what she has to say.

‘Fancy not changing before dinner, how uncouth, and expecting the man to cook? Oh my, it’s ridiculous. What a terrible wife she’s going to make.’

I take a deep, calming breath. She’s of the older generation; she may be suffering a little culture shock or jet lag, maybe both. I’m willing to cut her a little slack. I fasten Lucy into her high chair and sit beside her. Adult silence reigns. Lucy babbles quite happily to herself as she waits.

‘How was your flight?’ I ask when Joe brings out a big bowl of salad and a plate of cold chicken left over from last night’s meal.

‘Horrid,’ Beverly replies with a dismissive flap of her hand. ‘Long and stuffy and they ran out of champagne.’

I take the tongs, serve out a little salad and chicken on to a small plastic plate for Lucy and pass it to her.

‘Help yourself.’ I indicate the food on the table. ‘We don’t stand on ceremony here.’

‘No, I can tell.’ Again the strange face contortion that almost resembles a smile passes across her face.

‘So, I hear you’re staying with us until the wedding.’ I continue with my attempt to make small talk as I scoop up some salad on to my plate.

‘Yes, Rupert is in a huff. I have no idea why but he got the silly idea in his head that I was flirting with the pool boy and, well, he’s cancelled my credit card, the vindictive old goat. So I’m afraid I’ll have to stay here.’

‘Oh, it’s no problem.’ I smile; I am pretty sure it is a better fake smile than she manages to pull. ‘We have the sofa bed.’

‘Yes, it’s very good of you to put yourself out for me like that but my back means I need a proper divan mattress or I’m simply useless the next day. Joe has already changed the linen on your bed for me.’

I look over the table to Joe who smiles so much I worry he’ll strain his cheek muscles. Poor guy, he’s at the end of his tether.

‘Oh, that’s good. Well, it’s only for a few nights, I’m sure we’ll manage.’

‘I suppose.’ She sighs dramatically. ‘But I am not used to living in such conditions. I mean, you don’t even have air conditioning. It is stifling in here. ‘

‘For the few hot days a year we actually get in Britain it’s not worth the expense. You’ll find very few homes are air conditioned over here.’

Her look instantly tells me she believes that just isn’t a good enough excuse. It began to dawn on me that it’s not going to be an easy few days ahead.

‘But I suppose I have to put up with it; it’s not every day one’s son gets married.’

‘No, it isn’t.’ I smile. ‘I’m really looking forward to Saturday.’

I look at Joe and he smiles back, a proper smile that lights up his dark eyes.

‘Weddin’,’ Lucy squeals, ‘weddin’, yay!’

Joe and I laugh heartily.

‘Yes, sweetie, we’re excited too.’ I smile at her and Joe ruffles her hair.

Joe’s mother tuts.

‘What a day when a young child sees her mother married for the first time.’

‘What? Different to the three times I saw you married as a child, Mother?’

‘Oh, Joe, stop being petulant. I thought you’d have grown out of that by now.’

I make exaggerated yummy noises and clatter my cutlery to the plate.

‘That was delicious, darling. Would you like me to go and get dessert?’

‘No, you’ve worked all day, you stay there. I’ll go and get dessert.’

‘Pie.’ Lucy waves her hands in the air. ‘Pie!’

‘Yay, pie!’ I wave my hands above my head too and Lucy squeals in delight. ‘I’m excited about it too.’

I hear muttering from the other end of the table but I ignore it. There’s only so much complaint and insult you can take in one day.

We enjoy the delicious pie almost in silence. I’m relieved to roll into the usual routine when the meal is finished. I take Lucy upstairs to read, bathe, and go to bed. I watch her sleeping, relishing the quiet. As much as

I enjoy the haven I know I can’t stay there. I have to go and rescue my poor husband-to-be.

When I get downstairs the room is quiet and missing something. Joe’s mum. Joe has pulled out the sofa and is making up the bed.

‘She went to bed,’ he says, walking in from the kitchen, ‘jet lagged. She says she’s worn out.’ He flips the duvet straight and I sit down on the side of the pulled-out sofa closest to me.

Joe flops his long body onto the sofa bed beside me.

‘Well, it’s a break for you now, and Lucy is asleep. We can just get comfy and relax.’ I snuggle into him and run my hand down his hard chest.

‘Yeah.’ He sighs. ‘Sure.’

‘Oh, sweetheart, it’s not for long and we get married in just a few more days.’

‘Yes, I can’t wait, Leanna, I really can’t. She just – my mother is – I don’t know, she stresses me out, majorly stresses me out.’

‘I can tell,’ I reply,’ and I’ve not exactly taken a shine to her myself, but she’s your mother, we have to put up with her.’

Joe nods. ‘It’s going to be hard work, though,’

‘I’m here with you.’ I kiss his cheek. ‘We’ll survive this together.’

‘Oh yes. Thank God I’ve got you.’

‘Mmm, thank God indeed.’

Having his warm body so close to me is infinitely tempting. For what seems like for ever we’ve kept our distance from each other. I am not a stickler for tradition but I thought it would make our wedding night special if we abstained for the week before.

Mistake. My blood boils with pent-up lust and there isn’t a spare moment when my mind isn’t off gallivanting in sexy town.

The kiss comes from nothing and our lips dance and our bodies line up to follow suit. His hard lines press into my soft curves and we join together, anticipation buzzing across my flesh and arousal zipping through my veins.

‘I’ve missed this,’ he mumbles between kisses and I just nod in agreement. Because of the constraints of our little home we’ve continued to share a bed, but we have maintained a strict no-touch policy. There’s been a line like an invisible brick wall that’s separated us. Apparently it doesn’t stretch to items of living room furniture however bedlike that item appears to be.

‘I have to,’ I gasp when I can break away from his kiss for a little bit, ‘but remember what we promised.’

‘I know,’ he replies. His hands run up under my T-shirt and grip my breast. ‘But this isn’t making love, darlin’, this is just making out.’

‘And that’s OK, right?’ I reply as he frees my breast from its cup and tweaks my nipple.

‘Sure.’ I feel his head nodding against mine and our desperate kisses continue. ‘As long as we have our clothes on and there’s no penetration it’s fine. That’s the rules.’

‘Well, if it’s the rules -’ I grin and slip my hands down to the bulge in his jeans. ‘Then I will have to play by them.’

‘Please do.’ He gasps when I pop open his button and slide down his zip.

It isn’t difficult for me to persuade myself he’s right, especially when his lips are on mine and his hand is pushing down into my pants.

I’ve been with him so long that I am starting to slip into his Americanisms. ‘Is this still making out?’ I ask, as his probing finger slips inside me.

‘Sure,’ he whispers, ‘you can touch my cock too, if you’d like.’

I return his cheeky smile with a knowing one of my own.

‘Oh, I can, can I?’ My false affront kids no one as his finger-fucking sends a spasm through me and I moan involuntarily loudly.

‘Yes, you can, slut, or do you want me to get all masterful on your ass?’

As tempting as the invitation to a spanking is I have to decline. I am far too aware of the noise it would make.

‘No, sir.’ I slip my hand into his boxers. ‘I’ll wank your hard, thick cock. It will be my pleasure, sir.’

‘And mine.’ He nibbles lightly on my bottom lip. I wrap my fingers around him and revel in the throbbing heat when I rub up and down his length.

Wild Rendezvous(book3) is available at Xcite books as is Naughty Rendezvous(book1), Seductive Rendezvous(book2) and Tempting Rendezvous the print novel that encompasses all three titles!

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