Sunday Snog – To Comfort a Vampire!

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Do you know that today is kissing day? Well it is because I said so, every day should be kissing day! So it is your duty to read some sizzling snogs today of all days! You can start with my kiss for Today which is from To Comfort a Vampire which is one of Total-E_Bound’s Hotshots.


Zoe is nervous around vampires but takes a job at The Point for the money. She never expected to fall in love with a vampire but Alex isn’t like the rest. When one night he comes to the club in an obviously distressed state Zoe does all she can to make him feel better.

Kissing time!…

“She was my girlfriend in life,” he said as we embraced, “she stood by me through the change and she fed me. We were in love and today…” his words trailed off as emotion choked him. I stroked a hand gently up and down his back and held back on the urge to kiss his cool cheek. I’m here to comfort him I chided myself, I need to keep my damn libido in check.

“Today she left me. She said she didn’t want to be just a meal ticket any longer, that she’d had enough. I wanted to stop her, to hold her, to turn her,” as those words filtered through my mind a chill ran through my body as I realised I was hugging a very dangerous beast indeed. “I didn’t though. I couldn’t. I loved her, I would never do this to someone I loved, to anyone. No one deserves this curse.”

“You’re a good man,” I whispered.

“Vampire,” he corrected.

“Okay, vampire, but you’re still a man, Alex, being the living dead doesn’t stop that.”

“Oh, Zoe,” he sighed and tightened his grip on my waist, “you’ve always been so kind to me.” His head rolled into the cup of my neck where it joins my shoulder. His lips were air kissing my skin he was so close. I wanted to hold my breath, wanted to scream. He could bury his fangs in my flesh without a second thought but I wasn’t scared, no, strangely I wasn’t. I wanted to scream out the pent up lust inside. I was stuffed full of desire.

I felt as if really I should speak, but words just would not form between my dry lips. I continued to stroke my hand softly up and down his back then his lips were against my neck. At first I thought it was just a mistake as he moved them back again an instant later. I tried desperately to think of something to say, to break the tension but before anything came to mind his lips fell to my neck again and this time they stayed there.

A first kiss is normally on the lips but his first kiss slipped up and over the delicate skin of my neck. I am sure he could feel the frantic beat of my heart echoed in my fast—flowing blood and I wondered if he would bite but instead his lips trailed up to and across my chin and to my waiting lips. If I’d have had time to think I’d have stopped him there and then. That would have been the sensible thing to do but no, I did not think, I kissed. And the kiss blossomed.

To Comfort a Vampire is available now and the seriously good news is that it is FREE! Yep, this sexy short is completely free and if you want more Point Vamp goodness you’ve got The Point, Stopping Point and in July The Vampire’s Choice will be released!

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