Sunday Snog – Till the End New Cover!

My snog for today is from Till the End which has a sexy and debonair new cover!

Susan falls instantly in lust with a young student she employs to be one of the till staff at the supermarket where she is head of personnel. She is obsessed by him, but twice his age and convinced he could never be interested in her – that is, until the Works Christmas party proves differently… This excellent story, written by award-winning erotic author Victoria Blisse has been specially formatted for today’s eBook readers.


And now, the snog!

“So are you in work tomorrow?” I had to make conversation. The silence was massive and threatening, I had to throw it some discussion before it sank its jaws in me

“Nope, I’ve got the day off tomorrow, last one until Christmas day.”

“I’m in late.” I said. “I’ll probably end up on the tills, with it being so busy right now.”

And the conversation followed in the same work related vein for a while before silence over took us again. James bent forward to place his mug down on the carpet and as he straightened he said:

“Susan I need to confess. I’m not drunk, I only took one alcoholic drink and that was for Dutch courage and I didn’t forget my house keys at all.”

I was shocked and I am sure it showed on my face. I didn’t know what to make of this at all. I think my jaw hit my chest as I looked into those sincere eyes. I felt his hands cupping mine before he carried on.

“I want you Susan, you are beautiful. I thought so from that first moment I saw you. I didn’t think a beautiful, sexy woman like you would be interested in a skinny young fella like me, which was until you took me home that time and rubbed your hands across me. I felt it then Susan, the sexual chemistry. You saw my hard on didn’t you?”

I nodded then, still in shock. Was I dreaming? Had my lemonade been spiked? This couldn’t be real. I reached out a hand and gently touched his cheek. I felt the newly shaved softness and warmth and lost myself in his eyes.

Before I knew it, Sexual Susan had taken over. She didn’t care if it was a dream; she was going to make the most of it.

My lips met his in an explosion of passion. Our lips squashed together as our arms encircled each other, pulling our bodies together, roughly. I felt his fingers at my zip then was faintly aware of the rough sound of it unzipping and the feel of his fingers against my bare skin. My tongue dived between his lips, found his and playfully poked it into a passionate riposte.

I was in a daze, in a dream, in one of the many fantasies I had created around this man. His hands grasped at my dress and pulled down, encouraging me to move my arms and aid him in the removal of this barrier between us. The beautiful velvet pooled around my waist and I felt his hands fiddling with my bra clasp. My hands were busy too, untying his tie, unbuttoning the front of his shirt and reaching in to feel the soft warmth of his chest, the smattering of hair tickling my finger tips.

Our mouths were still locked, our kisses still fevered as we battled with each other’s clothes. I felt the bra give and his hands were suddenly there cupping my dropping breasts, squeezing and tweaking them, making me groan and gasp. Our lips parted, I needed to gulp in air, and I felt light-headed with sexual frenzy and lust.

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