Sunday Snog -Tanith Davenport!

It’s Sunday and it’s time for a snog, whoop! It’s my guest snog spot this week so Tanith Davenport has provided the kiss from her current WIP called ‘Photograph’and here’s the blurb:

Tara Thornton has never needed a man. The only man she ever cared about was a man she had never met – a face on a TV screen, forever out of reach. Until the day he married her sister, Jade.

Two years have passed since that day, and Tara and Jade are now estranged – but Jade isn’t prepared to leave it that way. Invited to join her sister on a yachting vacation, Tara finds herself flirting with arrogant businessman Ryan while falling further in love with Jade’s husband, the unobtainable Will. She thinks Ryan will be satisfied with just her body, but Ryan is determined to capture her heart.


And now, the snog!

The moment the night air hit them, Ryan turned and pulled Tara against him. Tara tipped her chin up to face him, sliding her arms around his neck, and their lips brushed briefly before she felt his hands catch her waist and then his mouth was on hers.


She laced her fingers into his hair, stroking the back of his neck. Ryan growled, a low rumble that she could feel in his throat, and a gasp escaped her as Ryan’s lips left hers for a second before returning with force, his tongue entwining with hers.

Oh God, Will…

She felt his hands slide down her back, cupping the cheeks of her bottom. A wave of heat flooded her stomach and she moaned into his mouth, pressing forward against him as her inner muscles clenched with desire.

No. Not yet.

Steeling herself, she pressed her mouth hard against his before pulling back, fighting to catch her breath. Ryan moved in for another kiss, but Tara placed her hand on his chest. “Wait.”

“Wait for what?” Ryan’s voice was ragged.

Let him think he’s weakened you. “I don’t…” She lowered her head as if concealing a virginal blush. “I don’t do this on the first night.”

Ryan stilled, breathing heavily, and Tara allowed herself a moment of triumph. Calling it the first night implied there would be a second night, made men anticipate the pleasures to come.

And they would come. She knew that now. But not yet.

“In that case…” She felt his hands cup her face and opened her eyes to meet his, pupils wide with intensity as Ryan spoke. “I’d better let you go back to your room, right?”

“Right.” Tara laughed softly, partially out of relief. She moved back further, meaning to leave, but Ryan’s arms tightened around her and pulled her in for another hard, savage kiss, his hands jerking upwards to clench in her hair. As he released her, she staggered and heard his low chuckle. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah.” Tara threw her hair back and straightened up to her full height. “Tomorrow.”

She could still hear him laughing as she rounded the stern.

Hot Stuff, Tanith, thanks for sharing.

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