Sunday Snog – Sexier Side of the Hill.

I’m stepping back in time today and bringing you a snog from Sexier Side of the Hill , a menage story with a sexy cougar!

It’s even hotter on the Sexier Side of the Hill…

Michelle has just graduated from university and is embarking on a new career as a doctor. She’s going to have a big 40th birthday party to prove to her younger uni pals that she isn’t over the hill, and on a booze cruise to France she has a sexy adventure with two hot bi guys.

But this is just the start, as her ex-boyfriend, Darren, shows up at her party, walking in on a very hot threesome. But will he turn around and walk out or stay to join in?

“Good timing was that.” The driver nodded gruffly. “I was just about to go grab myself somethin’ to eat. You can watch the coach.”
“Sure, no problem.” I smiled as he lifted my heavy, wheeled suitcase into the luggage hold. “How long will you be?”

“Oh, I’ll be back before the others, no doubt. Say about forty-five minutes, maybe an hour.”

“Okay,” I replied, “See you later.”

The lads were already on the bus, and they grinned widely as I walked up the corridor between the seats towards them.

“Well, that certainly was good timing,” Paul commented as he pulled me into his arms and nudged his nose under my top to kiss across my stomach.

“Very good timing,” added Simon as he stood behind me and pulled off my jacket and then my top.

“What if someone comes back early?” I gasped as Simon’s cold fingers popped open my bra.

“They can join in or go away until we’ve finished,” Paul said. His blond hair tickled my stomach as his kisses rose higher. Simon threw my bra onto the chairs beside us and wrapped his arms around me. He cupped my breasts, lifted them and squeezing them in his big, manicured hands. I moaned loudly for the first time that day. Being hidden away inside the vehicle gave me the confidence I needed to let it all go.
Simon played happily with my breast and Paul went to work on my jeans. As he popped the button and lowered the zip, I kicked off my comfy shoes. He pulled the jeans and my knickers down and off my legs. I was suddenly naked, apart from my socks, on the backseat of a bus in some hypermarket car park in France and I loved it.
Paul lowered his head and held my lips apart with one hand as he stuck out his long, lithe tongue and tickled my clit. Slipping lower, he lapped up my juices.
“I’ve wanted to do that since I laid eyes on you,” he groaned as he came up for air, his stubble glistening like golden tinsel with the moisture.

To find out what happens next (and before!) get yourself a copy of Sexier Side of the Hill.

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