Sunday Snog Scentsual!

I’m sharing a snog today from my seaside femdom story as I’ve enjoyed a really relaxing break in Scarborough recently. Here’s the blurb for Scentsual:

Scentsual is a femdom story written by leading erotic author Victoria Blisse and set in the seaside town of Scarborough… Kelly is dominant and has a heightened sense of smell, so many of her memories, thoughts and feelings revolve around scents. She meets Rob on a trip to Scarborough and seduces him; their lust is instant but is Rob the submissive man Kelly really needs to fall in love with?


Kisses, very hot kisses:

I straddled his chest, again facing away from him so he would receive a fantastic view of my pussy pulled wide as I rubbed up and down. My hands were on the bed on either side of his crotch and as I swayed I pursed my lips and repeatedly kissed his cock.

As I moved, I found I could slip my feet beneath his arms. I had not pulled them out far from his head, so they were quite flexible. I kept backing up with every sweep, until my pussy was at his chin.

“Come on then, boy, eat me.”

I knew it wouldn’t be easy. He would have to stretch his neck to get even the tip of his tongue on me, but if he tried I would reward his effort. And try he did. He lifted his head from the bed and I felt his hot breath on my cunt lips. I felt the rasp of his tongue as I heard his frustrated mewls. His head fell back down onto the pillow and I moved back a little and into a sitting position.

His lips and nose ended up directly between my wet engorged lips. In no time he was licking and sucking me as if I were a juicy steak to a hungry man. Every now and then he would lean his head back and I would lift up so he could breathe. Then I would lower myself to his face once more.

It did not take a long time of this frenzied pressure for me to come. I covered his face in fresh fucking juices as I shook and trembled in ecstasy. I pulled away from him, slid down his chest and rubbed my sensitive and wet pussy all over him as I slipped my legs from under his arms. “Good boy,” I cooed. “You’re such a good boy…”

Scentsual is available from House of Erotica as is Flesh Spills and Secret Thrills my latest release that I share with the lovely Lucy Felthouse!

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