Sunday Snog Satisfying Desires &Whip it up Anthology.


I’ve got an embarassment of riches this month when it comes to new releases. On Friday The Whip it Up Anthology became exclusively available at Total-E-Bound. A whole month before you’ll be able to grab it anywhere else!

Lucas is the only man who can satisfy all her desires.

Sally has a broken wrist and is struggling to cope with being off work and home alone. She’s eaten nothing but soup in days and is sick to death of daytime TV. She goes for a walk but is distracted by the delicious smells coming from the local café.

The tall and tanned Greek chef, Lucas, wants to look after Sally…and not just by feeding her with his delicious fried foods. He invites her back to enjoy a meal with him alone that night once the café is closed.

His special brand of optimism and dominance has Sally bending to his will and begging him for more. Their less than innocent evening meal is finished off by a trip to the bedroom with a pot of chocolate spread because, as Lucas says, the only thing better than a hot naked woman is a hot naked woman covered in chocolate!

Reader Advisory: This book contains creative use of fruit and vegetables.


Sally is starving, her arm is broken and she’s incapable of cutting up her own food. She finds herself in a cafe where the food smells delicious and the cook is even tastier…

“I didn’t order this,” I waved my hand in front of me.

“No, but you want it.” He replied. “Eat up.”

I looked down and an array of fried delights greeted my sight. A fried egg, two slices of bacon, a thick sausage, beans and a couple of slices of toast. Everything cut into bite sized pieces.

“Oh, wow, thank you.” I smiled, tears pricking at my eyes because I was so touched by his kindness.

“You’re welcome,” he replied, “I knew when you came in I needed to look after you.”

I dug in with great relish. It was the first real food I’d eaten in what seemed like forever. It was such a sensual delight, there was texture to my food, crispness and velvety smoothness. I dug in with visible gusto. Frank left sometime between me starting on my fried egg and finishing the last of my bacon.

“How’s your food?” Lucas asked, moving to remove Frank’s plate from the table.

“Heavenly,” I moaned. “This is the first proper food I’ve eaten in days.”

“I knew it.” He nodded his head, put the plate down in the sink then walked over to me, “You need someone to look after you.”

“I do,” I was caught up in the bright blue of his eyes and brave enough to say the truth.

“I will look after you,” he reached out and covered my hand with his. I couldn’t respond, my brain went completely blank. “Come back here at five and I’ll give you a meal.”

“Oh, no, you don’t have to.”

“No I do, I do. Food is so important for healing.” His hand was still over mine and his touch burnt against my skin. “It’s very kind of you,” I smiled, “but you must be so busy.”

“I close at two, in five minutes in fact. So don’t you worry.”

“Oh, now I feel even guiltier about it.”

Lucas shook his head, “No, no. I am offering because I want to do it, I would be sad if you refused.” “Well in that case then, I guess I should just accept your generosity then.”

“You should,” he squeezed my hand tightly. “By the way, what is your name, you know mine.” “I’m Sally,” I replied, “lovely to meet you.”

“And you,” he replied. “So how did you hurt your arm?”

I told him the story, leaving out mention of the guy with a nice arse and the whole time he kept a hand on mine. It was both comforting and arousing. I wanted to feel his fingers all over me.

“And no one is looking after you?”

I shook my head. “I live alone,” I explained, “I’ve been looking after myself.” “Well, no more.” He squeezed my hand again.

I looked into his eyes and smiled, he seemed so close to me, had I moved closer to him, could I press a little closer and would he accept the press of my lips on his? I didn’t have to make a decision in the end because Lucas pushed forward and kissed me.

I stopped thinking and just kissed him back. Our hands stayed entwined as I felt the pressure of his plump lips against mine, making the nerve endings tingle and sending pleasure signals to my brain and all over my body. I wanted to press closer, push my body to his, all the pent up sexual frustration from the night before was bubbling just below the surface, waiting to be set free.

“Sorry,” he pulled back and pursed his lips, “I shouldn’t have taken advantage.”

“No, don’t apologise, I liked it.”

“You’re just so beautiful, I can’t help myself.”

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