Sunday Snog – Restoration Free on iTunes!


Restoration is free at iTunes right now until the 2nd June so I thought I’d use it for my Sunday Snog this week!


Museum Restorer Theresa is thrilled when an ancient, dirt covered Roman Statue of Priapus comes into her care. She finds him fascinating and he becomes her erotic obsession. Night and day she is consumed by her lust for Priapus. Unknown to Theresa another person has been overtaken by the same obsession. It is only when her project is completed and Priapus is out on display that she discovers she is not the only one willing to take great risks just to worship the ancient god’s giant penis.

Here’s the snog, it’s very, very, very hot…definitely NSFW!

So I throw myself into my work, flake by flake, grain by grain I reveal the wonder of this sex god. He is affecting me. I spend my day in a haze of sexual fantasies. When I worked on his curling, soft locks I could see my hands gripped within them, my body beneath him, his giant phallus buried in my wet, juicy cunt. I could hear my cries, the obscenities pouring from my lips as I pulled him in deeper and deeper ‘til he split me open in my moment of orgasm. When I was working on his eyes, I saw myself on my knees before him, licking and sucking at his mighty knob, my eyes raised and joined with his gaze as he luxuriated in the wetness of my wanton mouth around his aching cock.

When I was working on his lips I saw them on my body. I imagined them on my neck, my breasts my stomach, my thighs. I envisioned them biting and nibbling, kissing and caressing up and down my body. I saw myself riding his face, my cunt rubbing up and down over his lips and nose, his strong, stone tongue inside me like a cock.

I’m glad to be working on his neck, if I concentrate on just his neck I get a rest from the sexual madness that has taken me over of late. I just have to concentrate on one tiny little patch of cold marble. I have to remember it is just stone. I mustn’t let my gaze flick down his dirty body to his proud member rising from betwixt his thighs. I mustn’t look up and linger on his lips because then my body explodes with lust once again.

Pick up your free copy of Restoration at iTunes between now and the 2nd June or check here for other purchasing options.

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