Sunday Snog -Really Cooking Menage treat!

It’s Sunday, I want some  chocolate,  So let’s have an excerpt from Really Cooking

Three hot men and one curvy woman, now we’re really cooking.

After breaking out of a truly awful relationship Paula finds herself floundering until she bumps into Gary. He cheers her up with a much coveted appointment at Flair, where more than her hair gets pampered. In return she offers Shane and Gary a cooking lesson to cheer up their ready-meal laden week.

The Friday feast turns into a sex laden success and becomes a recurring weekly date. Paula loves having the sexual attention of two hot bi guys but longs for something deeper.

Shane sets her up with professional chef, Nigel McCormack. Paula responds to his dominant appeal and the delights of all three men together. But how will Paula fair when she takes up a position in Nigel’s professional kitchen, will she capture his heart or will he return to his first love, food?

Really Cooking MED
WARNING! This is a truly filthy excerpt and it may leave you longing for chocolate and something more…

I leaned forward, very aware of the chocolate oozing down my flesh and the hot hand clamped to my chest. Gary’s fingers gently encouraged the snaps at the back open then he quickly pulled the straps down my arms and threw the skimpy material to the ground. My breasts were revealed in all their wobbling glory. I’ve always been fairly proud of my breasts, they were ample and full but I still felt nervous as the guys fixed their gaze on them.

“That’s better,” Shane sighed, “I can move my hand now, right?”

“Sure,” Gary replied and I felt Shane’s move but not off my body, it slipped down lower and lower until he cupped my breast, chocolate oozing over me and his warm, strong fingers cupping my breast. I gasped, shocked by the action then squeaked as his thumb bumped over my erect nipple. My body was alive with sensation and my heart thudded with anticipation of what might happen next.

“Now, that’s a smear,” Shane said with a satisfied nod of his head, “but I’m still all chocolatey, hang on.” He let go of my right breast and moved his touch over to my left where he cupped and squeezed and smeared chocolate all over it. Not as liberally as the other boob as the chocolate reserves were drying up but when he released me, my breasts were both a mess of dark, milk and white chocolate.

“Time to clean up.” Gary grinned over at Shane. “It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.”

Then two strong, sensual mouths clamped themselves to my breasts. Licking and sucking. Gary teased me, his tongue slid up and down and all around my breast whereas Shane went straight in and sucked on my aching nipple. I was in a daze. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t even really know what was going on. All that I was certain of was that two very handsome men were licking and sucking on my tits and it felt divine.

As Shane sucked he simultaneously rubbed his hands all over me, they smoothed down my ribs then slid down my stomach and side and rested on my thigh. Chocolate stains followed his sweep and my skin tightened as the chocolate began to dry.

“You are such a mucky pup,” Gary tutted. “You’ve got chocolate everywhere.”

“Oh, Sorry,” Shane apologised.

“I suppose I’ll have to clean up after you yet again.” With an overly dramatic sigh Gary dropped his head once again to my breast but then slipped lower onto my stomach. I held my breath as he kissed over my least favourite curve but he did not stop or recoil in disgust, he continued to lick and kiss and make yummy noises. He slid onto the floor beside me then moved round on his knees until he was directly in front of me.

He spread my legs wider around him then gently pressed his warm, soft lips to the inside of my thigh, just above my knee as Shane sucked sensually on my nipple.

I’m so cruel leaving it there but if you want to know what happens next you can pick up my novel from Xcite (or amazon UK and US) for less than you’d pay for a big bar of chocolate….


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