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Happy New Year Sunday Snoggers! I’m bringing you a new snog from a new Coming Together Anthology for this bright and shiny new year. My story is Domestic Discipline and features an interesting item of clothing…

In September 2014, the popular review blog Dear Author published a post detailing issues involving Ellora’s Cave, a renowned pioneer in the genre of erotic romance. The information provided (much of it a matter of public record) did not portray Ellora’s Cave in a favorable light. Ellora’s Cave reacted by filing a defamation suit against Dear Author and its owner. Soon thereafter, a crowdfunding campaign was created by Smart B*tches to collect donations for the legal defense of Dear Author.

Dear Author has stated that any contributions in excess of the amount needed for legal expenses will be donated to the Society of Professional Journalists Legal Defense Fund (


I waited a bit longer then my phone pinged. I picked it up from the table.

Open the door.

So I did.

“Well, well.” Rob looked me up and down. “I knew you’d look good in it.”

“Thanks,” I replied and shuffled my feet as I darted looks over my husband’s suited shoulder to the street. “Come in, close the door.”

“Oh, I think I’d like to look at you in the natural light for a little longer—”

“Rob, please?” I begged, petrified someone would walk past and see me so exposed. The idea of being watched dis turn me on but not when it might be Mrs Manly from number fifty two. I’d never be able to show my face in church again.

“In good time, my love,” he smirked. “Do a twirl. I want to see all angles of you in my gift.”

I spun. I gave in to his demand, hoping he’d close the door quicker because I did. My heart thudded deep in my chest. My mouth went dry as all the moisture in my body seemed to be pooled between my thighs.

“You have the most beautiful body,” he growled and I heard the door click closed before I turned to face him once more. He was closer than I expected and his hands on my waist surprised me. His lips hit mine and I was soon carried away on a current of desire. It didn’t matter how many times my man kissed me, every time was a little different, and every time I was turned on by his skilful manipulations.

His arms wrapped around me, his cold suit coat chilled my flesh, my nipples hardened when they brushed up against his clothes. Rob crushed me in his embrace and kissed me. His lips undulated on my own, his hands swept down to my hips, and I felt light-headed as he enveloped me so completely.

“Happy Valentine’s day,” I gasped when he let me up for air. “Thanks for the present.”

“You’re welcome,” he said. “Now, help me get out of these clothes so I can fuck you.”

“Oh, hell yes.” I smiled and worked the zip down on his trousers

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