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Did you know that I’ve recently revamped all my Point Vamp books? Well I have and they’re now available for Pre order from Totally Bound. The Point, the first of the series is FREE! So here’s a Sunday Snog to celebrate.


Book one in the Point Vamp Series

Love conquers all, that is the point but can it bridge the differences between a vampire and a woman?

Hugh is twenty eight. He has been twenty eight for nearly one hundred years. Hugh is a vampire. He owns a club called The Point and he pays girls to have sex with him. He then counts to ten as he sucks their blood to semi-satisfy his lust.

Elizabeth is a doctor, she loves her job but likes to escape into the countryside now and then. When she twists her ankle Hugh comes to her aid. He carries her curvy form all the way back to his home. He takes care of her ankle and the rest of her body too but he goes too far and sucks her perfectly intoxicating blood.

How can these two lovers have any kind of relationship? They don’t know, only time will reveal the answers.




“Elizabeth, we can’t—I can’t, please—”

His begging stopped as she recaptured his mouth once more. She pulled herself closer and wrapped her arms all around him. She held him tightly in her grasp. She captured him. He responded, his lips undulated and his body slackened. She was wearing away his defences. She kissed him harder, pressed her tongue into his mouth and gently teased his own into action. She engaged his whole mouth in a dance of passion and held on as dizzy excitement filled her and her body exploded with flames of lust.

When his hands wrapped around her waist, she knew she was making progress. She loosened her grip on his shoulders and traced her fingers down his hard, naked chest, as she’d wanted to do since she’d walked into the room.

“What are we doing?” he panted as their lips parted for a moment.

“Well that was kissing,” she said and smiled with a wicked twinkle in her eye as her hand slipped below the sheet and squeezed his hard cock, “and that was copping a feel. Are you abreast of the situation now?”

“You minx,” he laughed, and she giggled as he pressed her back down onto the bed and held her there. “My turn,” he said, and he literally ripped the dress covering her body with his bare hands.

“Hey,” she yelped, but as his hands grabbed at her bared bra-clad breasts, the protests lost momentum, and as he lifted her warm flesh from their cups, everything condensed into a lustful moan.

Pre Order the first 3 books in the Point Vamp series now and The Point for Free! All in preparation for my brand new Point Vamp book The Point of Evil which releases on the 22nd September.


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