Sunday Snog – Paranormal Discount with Bite!

The wonderful folks at Totally Bound are giving us all a Halloween treat by giving 25% off all Paranormal titles in until tomorrow. So I thought I’d pick a snog from one of my vampire books to celebrate!

A crazy vampire or an ice-queen human, it’s not much of a choice but it is the one Kyle has to make.

Kyle may be undead, but he still lives at home with his Gran and works in a supermarket stacking shelves with his mates. His life hasn’t changed much, apart from being dead and having to suck blood from live humans to survive.

Luckily he knows The Point, a vampire bar where the humans are hot, tasty and eager to please. Well, most of them are. Janine is the exception. She is cold and distant, but from the first time he meets her, Kyle is smitten.

But he has a problem. A hot but crazy female vamp has got him in her sights and she’ll stop at nothing to get him all to herself.

Kyle has a decision to make and it will change his afterlife forever. Who will he chose?


I realised something as her soft, wet lips pushed gently against me. I needed her. I needed to feel her against me, naked and wanting. I needed to show her exactly how much she meant to me, to show her how much I loved her.

I pushed her down onto the bed and hung over her, pressing my face closer and my lips on to hers. Then I moved down to her cheek and the nape of her neck that smelt of fresh flowers, lemons and that scent you get after a violent rain storm. I am hungry for her. I could sense her blood thrumming through her veins.

“Fuck me,” she gasped. “Then you can drink what you need.”

I didn’t reply. I continued to kiss lower, following the trim of the towel that fell open as my nose nudged the edges. I wanted to taste her and slid lower and lower until my face was between her wide open thighs, lapping at the moisture that formed on her plump, red lips. I would never tire of her taste. So sweet, so refreshing. As she came hard I luxuriated in her copious juices.

I did not give her time to recover. I scrambled back between her thighs, ripped open my jeans and thrust into her. I was hard, she was wet and we came together in perfect harmony. She moaned and bucked up against me as I slammed down into her. As my orgasm approached and I could sense the pleasure-infused blood whooshing below her pale, inviting skin, I came; buried myself deep inside her and sunk my teeth into her neck.


For more from Kyle, pick up The Vampire’s Choice from Totally Bound and get 25% off in their spooktacular Halloween Sale! In fact you can pick up all the Point Vamp Books for just £1.88 each perfect for a bit of post Halloween reading while you finish off all that left over candy.

Now, Authors, Feel free to add your snog to the list below. Just pick a kiss excerpt from one of your works (published or unpublished) and post it up on your blog. Use the Sunday Snog Banner, link back to this post then when you’ve posted it pop back here and add your URL to the list. It’s as simple as that! If you need any help at all please feel free to contact me victoria @ victoria blisse .co. uk (no spaces)