Sunday Snog – New Beginnings for Easter with Rendezvous Box set!

It’s Sunday, Easter Sunday in fact. So on a day when we think about resurrection and new beginnings I’ve picked a snog from Wild Rendezvous which is available  now as part of  the Rendezvous Box set for just £1.99 at and $2.99 at  . It is the last book in the trilogy and Joe and Leanna are planning for a wedding but will it go ahead?

Leanna is a British single mum, struggling to make ends meet for her little family, Joe is an American business man who makes her stomach flip. They meet in Naughty Rendezvous for a babyless date and Leanna gets to Sample Joe’s Dominance as she lets her naughty side out. Their relationship continues, with more spankings, bindings, submission and control through trials and temptations to a wedding….maybe.

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Now Leanna and Joe have been arguing about what Joe is going to wear to their wedding. Leanna has her dress all ready (it’s a few sizes too small, but hey, she can diet, right?) but Joe is being stubborn and Leanna has stormed off in a huff.

Suddenly, I get it. I sit bolt upright in bed as I realise why Joe has been so adamant about the suit. It’s not just his suit, it’s him. The essence of what he was before he lost his job. The only real, tangible thing he has left from those days. He doesn’t want to lose everything he was.

He’s already lost his flat, his bachelor freedom and he doesn’t want to lose anything more.And what have I been doing? I’ve been telling him he has to move on, get something new. I’ve been telling him to get rid of everything he was, even though I didn’t realise it, that is just what I had done.

As I lift the corner of the duvet to get out of bed, the bedroom door opens. Joe walks in, head down and after shutting the door behind him he walks over and sits on the bed. He lays a hand over mine and squeezes it.

‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so stubborn. I’ll go get measured for that new suit tomorrow, if you like.’ ‘No, I don’t like,’ I reply, ‘I’ve been completely hard- headed and I’ve just realised what I’ve been asking you to do. I don’t want you to be anyone but you at our wedding. I don’t want you to change. I’ve been such a fool. You should wear your favourite suit to the wedding, in fact I insist on it.’ He looks up, his broad face is covered with a smile that lights up his cloud grey eyes. ‘Thank you,’ he whispers before his lips touch mine.

There is a revelation in the intensity of his kiss. It hits me how important this decision was. If I’d continued to insist on a new suit that I’d have lost something vital from my man. And he was willing to give it up. He was willing to pander to my wishes to make me happy despite the attachment he has to that garment.

His hands smooth down my arms and I press my fingers to his chest. Clothes do not make the man but you cannot take away the symbolism associated with a garment. Cool, calm, sophisticated business man Joeis represented by the suit. I love that part of my fiancé and can’t believe how close I came to stripping that away from him.

‘I’m sorry,’ I gasp. He kisses away from my lips to my ear, ‘I can’t believe I was so insensitive.’ ‘It’s OK,’ he whispers between nibbles along my neck and collarbone, ‘I am glad you’re letting me wear it now but I decided downstairs that a suit was not worth losing you over.’ ‘But it’s more than a suit, I realise that now,’ ‘Hush, it’s done with. You know, I know and now I want to make love to the most beautiful woman in all the world.’

It’s not the number one reason why I love him, but his way with words is definitely up there in the top ten reasons I desire him so much. And then there’s the thing he does with his mouth just in the dip of my neck that he’s doing right now and it’s turning my whole body to silken liquid and any kind of thought, any kind of ability to string together a sentence just goes out of the window.

All I can think about is his body and its proximity to mine.

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