Sunday Snog -Moon Shy!


Things are going to get particularly Blissemassy from here on in so I’m taking the opportunity to post something a little darker today. I’m picking a kiss from my werewolf story Moon Shy.

Lowell is a werewolf. Desdemona is a werewolf. That is where the similarities end.

Desdemona takes great joy in the full moon. She maims and kills with enthusiasm and wishes she could be a werewolf every day. Lowell hates what he is. He wishes that the full moon would only come around once in a million years.

Jenny is a sweet girl who often acts before she thinks, especially when a man is involved. She finds herself between these two werewolves. She loves Lowell, he was her school crush way back when. Desdemona is her superior and makes her working life a misery.

But which werewolf will have Jenny in the end? Will Desdemona succeed in killing her during the full moon, or will Lowell be able to keep her safe and in the dark about his horrific secret? It comes down to a fight between two werewolves, one Moon lover and one Moon Shy. Who will win?

And here’s the snog!

“I’ve gone off men.”

“Oh, right. I didn’t realise you were a lesbian.”

Jenny might have imagined it, but she was sure his face dropped into disappointment as he said it.

“No, oh no.” She chuckled to cover her embarrassment. “No, I’m not a lesbian. I’m straight, yeah, but I’ve just had a bad experience with a man, so I’ve given them up.”

“Oh, right? Men are bastards, aren’t they?” he said. “I’ve always thought so. It’s why I’ve always been a ladytarian. I don’t touch man meat.”

Jenny laughed. “You’re funny and sweet. I think that makes you the exception to the rule.”

Their gazes met, and they smiled then looked down at their laps, and that uneasy silence fell again. Jenny reached for her yoghurt and pulled at the far corner of the lid. As she opened the pot, it spat out yoghurt all over Lowell’s chest.

“Oh, damn.” She put down the pot. “I am so sorry.” She leant towards him and wiped at the mess with her hand. “It’s all right,” Lowell said. “Don’t worry. I get my own food down me all the time.”

She looked up mid-stroke and found his face to be a gentle stretch away from hers. She didn’t think, she moved, and their lips bumped together. The shock of the gentle impact made them both inhale deeply and hold their breaths, but Lowell recovered first and moved his mouth against Jenny’s. The kiss blossomed, seemingly of its own accord. Both parties were swept away by the intensity of emotion, and Lowell reached forward and grabbed Jenny’s arm for support. She clenched her fist around his yoghurt-spattered shirt as the kiss intensified, and she felt so light inside that she thought she might float away if she didn’t hold onto him.

She was kissing Lowell Kenyon. Lowell, the coolest bloke in school and now the hottest man in her work place. Her lips were undulating against his, his tongue was entwining with her own, caressing gently and eagerly. It was the kiss she had always dreamed of, and it was better than she’d ever dared imagine.

After what seemed like a millennium in a split second, their lips pulled apart and silence followed as they untangled their limbs and pulled away.

“Well,” Lowell said, his mind racing, heart pounding. “Wow. I didn’t sort of expect…but wow, it was…and just yoghurt, too.”

Jenny chuckled. “Yes, I feel exactly the same. Wow.”

“I should just say I’m not so good at this stuff.” The smile faded from Lowell’s lips a little. “I didn’t expect that at all, and…well, I’ve not been looking for that and I’m kinda isolated these days.”

“Don’t worry,” Jenny assured him, “I wasn’t looking for it, either. I’m giving up boys, remember? It was a kiss. We can still be friends even if we’ve kissed, right? Don’t have to rush to anything else.”

“No, that’s true, of course.” Lowell nodded.

Jenny bit her lip and finished tidying up her lunch leftovers. In her mind, it all seemed very logical. It was just a kiss, and that’s all it needed to be, but her heart and her pussy were both throbbing and aching for something more. She’d take it slow, though. She’d have to. She didn’t want to frighten him off, now.

“Am I invited back for tomorrow, or have I blown it by throwing my food all over you?”

“No, of course not. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.” He blushed.

The scarlet on his cheeks made him irresistible. Before she thought, she’d bent forward and laid a gently kiss on his lips.

“Oh, okay, then. See you same time tomorrow.” She stood up, smiled back at him and walked out of the room, her mind reeling with possibilities.

I really do love Lowell and Jenny, I should write about them again! To read the rest of their story pop over to total-e-bound and pick up your copy of Moon Shy!

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