Sunday Snog -Masquerading Hearts!

Ah, another Sunday and another scorching hot snog. This week I’m picking one from Masquerading Hearts which is available from House of Erotica as a single release and also as part of the Victoria Blisse collection.


Laura is out for revenge on her cheating boyfriend Jack, but no matter how many men she beds, she can’t get him out of her mind. A foursome with Jack in the mix might just be what she needs to get over him, but will it work? This racy story with strong menage themes is written by award-winning erotic author Victoria Blisse, and specially formatted for today’s e-readers by House of Erotica.


Now for a kiss…

“Would you like to get some air?” Jack had asked me after what seemed like the hundredth waltz.

“Sure, that’d be nice.” I’d smiled back, taking the opportunity to catch my breath. He grabbed my hand and squeezed it as he almost dragged me out of the ball room, down the crowded hallway filled with couples making out, and through the door into the cold night air.

I had not even a second to gather my thoughts; his lips plastered themselves to mine the moment we got away from the doorway. My back thudded against the cold wall, the prickly bricks pressing into the flesh of my back that was showing through my dress.

His hands slipped up and down my waist, emphasizing the concave curve between my breasts and hips, tracing over the tightened bodice of the corset that was keeping all my convex curves from spilling out and spoiling my hourglass figure. His lips were heavenly hot, transporting me to levels of rapture I’d never before experienced.

He kissed me.

That sentence is so woefully inadequate yet paradoxically spot on. I felt like his lips were caressing me all over. My flesh tingled and zinged with arousal, and I just wanted to fuck. I’ve never been promiscuous; I’ve never had the chance. Straight laced parents and cruel name- calling through school persuaded me I was not sexy.

It took a few years at university and a night filled with stolen snogs for a drunken dare to show me that men did actually find my curves attractive. It took a year-long relationship with an old friend to show me I was a sexual being and a second of a hot kiss with a stranger to make me wet and wanton.

“Oh, fuck,” he’d gasped, as our lips parted for breath. “You’re sublime.” He continued to kiss me from my lips to my cheeks then he slipped sensually south down the long slope of my neck.

As he sucked upon the ripe flesh of my cleavage, I knew I should protest but I couldn’t.I even helped him haul my breasts up and out of the low cut top so he could feast upon their flesh. He nibbled my nipples as they hung outside my clothing. I should have been worried about my work colleagues copping a look at me with my tits out, but I wasn’t. All that was on my mind was fucking him.

Masquerading Hearts is just $2.99 and it is seriously hot stuff!

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