Sunday Snog -Johnny the Djinn is coming back!

I’ve been promising you a bit of Johnny for the last two weeks so here it is, a Bollywood Nightmare Sunday Snog!

johnny wanted

This is the second book in the Djinn’s Amulet series and Johnny is back, bigger, better and more sarcastic than ever before! If you’ve not met Johnny, you need to check out Silver Screen Dream. He’s a sweetheart really, you’re going to love him. Now onto the blurb for book two!

Book two in the Djinn’s Amulet Series

Sometimes what seems to be a nightmare can change into a dream come true.

Kiya is the daughter of Rahul Khan, the biggest Bollywood star of all time and she is a talented actress in her own right. Her abundant curves have taken Bollywood by storm and now Hollywood is knocking at her door.

Johnny is the Khan family Djinn. He is responsible for Rahul meeting his true love Laura. Well, that’s what he tells people anyway. His Masters latest wish is the safekeeping of his daughter Kiya on her American adventure. How he ends up powerless and alone he’s not quite sure and how he’s going to rescue the kidnapped Kiya without his Djinn magic is a mystery.

Luckily, Kiya has many talents She sets about seducing her captor, Aseem but it isn’t just her virginity he takes, it’s her heart.

Will Kiya and Aseem beat the odds, escape the badlands warehouse and have all the wild, kinky sexy they long for? Will Johnny be wished free, will he go to his soul mate in Djinnistan and will they all live happily ever after?

Reader Advisory: This book contains contains a scene of dubious consent, some hot spanking, sexy bondage and a sarcastic Djinn you are going to fall in love with.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series

Bollywood Nightmare

And here’s an excerpt, I’ve taken liberties, you’re going to have to look hard for the snogging! I wanted to share a bit from Johnny’s point of view, though. As I’ve built him up so much!

All humans were the same. You thought you had found just a sliver of decency in them and bam! They did something selfish and silly that ended up imprisoning you for a millennia or more.

I didn’t know where to start to look for my true love but a little time and I’d get it. Time to ponder the letter Aseem had led me to, time to work out who in all of Jennistan would want to kidnap my girl, and then just a few days to rescue her and take her home. It was all I wanted, but no. Bloody human wouldn’t play nice.

The plane journey home was boring. I stayed in human form as I didn’t want to draw attention to the amulet. Kiya hadn’t asked how I’d followed her to America, she was too caught up in Aseem.

“Johnny, what about Leaf? He’ll be worried about me.”

“Who the fuck’s this tree fella?” I snapped.

“Well, I’m his star, I was going to be in his movie and he’s bound to have missed me.”

“Hmm, true, hang on, let me see if I can still get him.”

I closed my eyes and concentrated. I didn’t like to do long-distance mind manipulation because it gave me a headache but if Kiya went home complaining about another thing gone wrong I’d never get time off to hunt for my sweetheart.

It was just like searching for something in the back of a drawer without properly looking, you kept thinking you’d got the right thing but when you peeked it wasn’t. Eventually though I got the director’s mind and pierced it.

“Okay, done. He’s decided he sent you back to Mumbai as the picture would be better shot there. He’ll be over in a few days’ time.”

“Thanks, Johnny.” She smiled. “I’m glad I managed to rescue you.”

“I didn’t need rescuing, but thank you anyway.”

“Gosh, Johnny, are you being nice?”

“Yeah, don’t get used to it. I think those evil things around my wrists constricted the blood flow to my brain.”

“Oh, Johnny, that’s too easy, I’m not saying anything to that.”

“Well, that makes a change,” I snapped. It was all just playful banter though. She was a thorn in my side, that girl, but I would miss her if she wasn’t around.

Old Mother fell asleep after a while and the two lovers were engrossed in conversation and snogging. I took out the paper I’d got from the office. It had one word on it. Just one word.


It was her handwriting, I’d recognise it anywhere. It was weird though, obviously it was a plea for aid but there was nothing else on the page, just the one word. It just didn’t seem like my girl to leave something so useless. As I stared at it I remembered her.

I remembered her perfect skin, her silky hair, her soft lips and her abundant curves. I remembered holding her to me, I remembered the way she’d say she loved me. My heart throbbed painfully.

I hope you enjoyed that.Bollywood Nightmare is available now for Preorder and if you prepurchase it now you get a great discount on the price!

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