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It’s Sunday, I’ve got a lovely kiss for you today from my brand new release, I love sharing a shiny new snog and I’m fairly certain I’ve never shared one like this before which is something since we’re up to Sunday Snog 120

Tattoos are intimate and personal, yet can hide as much as they reveal…

This superb collection of erotic stories will have you squirming in your seat! Inked contains first tattoos in Company Ink and first times in Scissoring. An intrepid ink artist crosses galaxies to save mankind in The Voron-Kali Emperor’s New Clothes whilst closer to home, a sub make a lifetime promise to her Master in Commitment.

In Venomous Ink, a vibrant tattoo shows there’s much more than meets the eye whilst an art student longs to ink the object of her desire with her permanent markers, in Sign Your Name. An uptight commuter finds herself attracted to her polar opposite in Uncovering Heather, while the ultimate Dom looks to get what he deserves in Her Midnight Roses.

And in Nine Lives, a top tattoo artist has never forgotten one particular customer and when they reconnect, she discovers he has new ink for each new life.

Edited by Anna Sky, Inked contains nine sexy and provocative stories from Gregory L. Norris, Annabeth Leong, Victoria Blisse, Zak Jane Keir, Harley Easton, Jillian Boyd, Alain Bell, Lilya Loring and Katya Harris.






Heather’s in for a surprise!


I look round the room several times but there’s nothing for it. I’m going to have to sit on the bed. I perch genteelly on the very edge of the mattress. What the hell am I doing here?

“Oh, I said make yourself comfortable.” He laughs, bursting out of the bathroom like he’s just walked on stage at a rock concert. He rips the buttons open on his shirt and throws it over his shoulder so it lands crumpled on the floor before throwing himself at the bed and me.

I scream as his arm catches me and he pushes me flat on the bed.

“What the—” I squeak, trying to scrabble into a sitting position but his arm is stubbornly pinning me down.

“Lighten up, Heather, this isn’t meant to be serious you know.” He blows a raspberry on my cheek.

“Oh, fuck off.” I shake my head and push myself out of his embrace. The crazy bleeding psycho throwing himself at me like that.

Jet laughs, deep and hearty.

“Now there you are. I knew you were in there somewhere.”

He sits up and places a hand over mine, poised as I am to push myself off the bed and out of his life.

“Come on, Heather, I want to see more of you, need to see more of you.”

“Jet,” I’m lost in the depths of his wide, sparkling eyes. “I’m not sure I can do this, can be what you want me to be.”

“I only want you to be yourself,” he smiles and cups my face in his large hand. “But the door is there. I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. Wouldn’t want to.”

And there it is, that small, inexplicable voice in my heart whispering for me to give him a chance.

“Tell me about your tattoos.” I reply. I don’t know why; my attraction to him doesn’t make any sense.

“Okay, I’ll start at the beginning.”

Taking my hand in his, he presses it to his heart.

“This is Barney. I got him when I was just eighteen. I’d saved for years. I knew what I wanted. Owls are silent, they own the night, they’re wise and free. Everything I longed to be.”

Under his hand I spread my fingers and trace the intricate feathers, feeling the warmth of his skin beneath the ink.

“I love owls,” I whisper, tracing the line of the wings, Jet’s hand no longer covering mine. “They’re such ethereal creatures, mystical and fascinating.” I lean in closer, the eyes of the beast are so sharp and calculating. I do something impulsive and kiss the inked beak gently. I feel the growl against my lips more than I hear it.


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