Sunday Snog – Getting Intimate.


Hello and welcome to another sexy, smoochy Sunday!

Today’s kiss comes from Getting Intimate, the middle book in my Getting Together Trilogy.

intiJohn and Terri have been dating for six months now, and John is anxious to commemorate this special anniversary. As much as Terri loves the time she spends with John, she still can’t shake her negative self-worth. When a series of misunderstandings drives the two apart, it’s up to John to convince the woman he loves that she’s the only one with whom he wants to be intimate.

And now, the snog, something a little different (and very hot!) this week:

“Oh, no you don’t, you naughty little boy you.” She lifted her hand away from my flesh and let her thighs open a little below me. “Trying to get off between Mistress’s thighs, eh? You should be ashamed of yourself. You are here to please me first and foremost, boy. Get off my lap.”

I quickly stood up and as I looked into her green, lustrous eyes, I found myself dropping to my knees. I wanted to please her.

“Good boy.” She smiled and patted my head. “Now, it’s your turn to make me feel good. I know you enjoyed your punishment, you naughty little boy. Well now, it’s my turn. I want you to pleasure me.” She lay back and hitched herself up onto the bed. “Come on, don’t dilly-dally. Get up here and make me feel good.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I gasped and crawled onto the bed. I was spoilt for choice. Her skin begged to be kissed, but I didn’t know where to start. I hesitated only a moment and then my lips gravitated to her toes. She giggled as my wet lips touched her ticklish feet, but as I sucked and licked she began to moan and buck her hips. I kissed one foot and then the other before I continued up over her cute, delicate ankles. Her legs were magnificent. Long and full, with shapely calves and thighs. She hated her legs. I don’t know why, they were the kind of legs that men dreamt of, or at least I did. I enjoyed slowly kissing up one, right to those sweet, full thighs that had given me such pleasure moments before. I wanted to continue but I felt wicked, so instead of lifting her knickers and devouring her, I directed my mouth down the other leg, back to her ankle.

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