Sunday Snog- Fulfill Me Some More.

I’ve got another Fulfill Me excerpt for you this week as there are lots of delicious kisses in this novel length work! Today’s kiss is with Joey, the handsome Itlaian Waiter. Caitlyn is such a naughty girl!

Caitlyn is out to get what she wants and she desperately wants Nick Casey, Star of Dobsons Digs the biggest soap on TV. She will do anything to get into his life but one thing, one person always stops her. His annoying yet handsome PA Mike. But there is more to Nick and to Mike than she could ever have first imagined. She ends up on a journey from one side of BDSM to the complete opposite and all the time she’s just looking for the man who can make her whole.


“The guys are all out tonight. They’ll not be back to the early hours, so we can have our nightcap in peace.” His hand wraps around my shoulders and I lean into his arm, my body alive with tingles and sexual shocks.

“Lovely. Though if your friends are as handsome as you, I think I could take them all on.” I must have drunk a little too much wine; I always get a little forward with excess alcohol in my bloodstream.

“Well, we’ll see what happens.” Joey winks and nibbles my neck, hitting a favourite erogenous zone of mine. I brush down his chest with my fingers splayed, slipping briefly over his stirring crotch and landing squarely on his thigh. He moans and slides a hand inside my coat. At the same time he gets inside my low cut top to clutch at breasts. Joey obviously likes them because with every squeeze he moans. He presses his mouth to mine and kisses me deeply.

Europeans kiss so thoroughly and with great art. My lips, teeth and even gums feel turned on. They’re enveloped in a kiss that keeps so much of my concentration above the neck even though a strong rough hand is skillfully manipulating my breast.

“We’re here.” his lips disengage from mine, and we exit the cab. He passes the driver a twenty. He waves away the change and we walk through the sharp night air to the looming block of flats before us. “We’re best taking the stairs.” He smiles, “It’s only a few floors up and I don’t trust the lift.”

I shrug, “Lead the way.” Joey slips his arm around my waist and we begin the ascent. The higher up the stairs we go, the lower his hand sits. On my hip, in the small of my back, on the curve of my bottom then his palm is cupping and squeezing my buttock as we climb.

“Here we are.” He pinches my arse, cheekily and fumbles in his pocket, pulling out his key to open the locked door.

I follow him into a dark room. A lamp comes on and I’m surprised by the cleanliness but then I realise, the guys are out on the pull, they’ll be hoping to bring girls home tonight, and a dirty room is not going to get anyone laid. I slam the door shut behind me and suddenly I’m in Joey’s arms. I’m swept away by the ferocity of his embrace, his lips seek out mine. He throws my coat from my shoulders to the floor and walks backwards, leading me somewhere. I let myself be led, running my hands up under his shirt, feeling his strong back and hearing him groan when my cool fingers hit his warm flesh.

Moving around to the front I struggle with the buttons on his shirt, our lips still linked, one of his hands in my hair, the other cupping the side of my breast. Finally, I free all the buttons and push the material away to expose his body. I slip my lips to his cheek, down his neck, lower to his chest. He growls and moans, and I feel the shock of his body hitting up against something hard. I use the cease in momentum to press my body against him; I grind my pelvis against him then nibble on his shoulder. His chest, nipples and stomach feel the skim of lips while I pull at his belt, and loosen his trousers.

As I do, the solid object clicks and swings open and I stagger into another room, giggling when I’m set off balance. He catches me just below my shoulder, spinning me round again till I’m dizzy and giggling and falling. Thankfully I land on the soft, masculine smelling duvet covering Joey’s bed and his body crushes down on me.

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