Sunday Snog from Uniform Behaviour while it’s F*R*E*E!


Uniform Behaviour is free to celebrate Armed Forces Weekend, so today I’m revisiting my story, Dirty Deeds from the anthology. When I thought of writing a story with a uniform, I thought of the most unlikely sexy uniform ever…a Cleaner’s apron! I promise you, though, this story is sexy. Here’s a hot snippet!


Do you get all weak-kneed at the sight of a grubby fireman or a hunky soldier? Perhaps immaculately-dressed waiting-on staff get you feeling frisky? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Uniform Behaviour contains sixteen smutty stories about firemen, soldiers, sailors, police, security guards and even waiters, priests and cleaners! Delve into this anthology and enjoy steamy stories from established erotica authors including Justine Elyot, Craig J Sorensen, Victoria Blisse, Shermaine Williams, Elizabeth Coldwell and Lucy Felthouse. Uniform Behaviour also proudly introduces some exciting debut authors. So remember, you saw them here first! As well as being written and compiled for your titillation, this anthology is also designed to do good. A portion of the proceeds from Uniform Behaviour will be donated to UK charity Help for Heroes, which helps those wounded in current conflict. The stories in this anthology have been hand-picked by a uniform aficionado, so you can rest assured that only the sexiest erotic fiction lies in this eBook.

After transferring my soaked and drained dress from the sink to the washing machine with plenty of powder, I set about tidying the living room. There wasn’t much left to do but I wanted to make sure the wooden coffee table was completely clean. I then remembered the mysterious tube that had so distracted me and there it was. It had rolled onto the floor in all the hullabaloo of the spillage.

I picked it up and turned it in my hands. The liquid inside was clear and I couldn’t for the life of me work out what it was until I turned it over and read the label. It was lube. I am sure my eyebrows raised so high they narrowly missed hitting the ceiling. I was completely taken aback. So what had Mr Holloway been up to last night whilst drinking his wine? I sat on the sofa, lube still in hand and noticed it was a good position to watch the TV in and a picture began to form in my mind of what exactly he’d been up to.

I imagined him sitting exactly where I was, drink in hand and porn on the TV enjoying a long, slow leisurely wank. I felt horny and as I still had an hour at least before my dress would be clean and dry I let myself indulge in a little fantasy. I pictured him in my mind again, watching a buxom woman on the TV being banged for all she’s worth and then I imagine I am in the room watching.

I slipped lower in my seat and my legs spread as I imagined walking up behind him and trailing a hand down his arm. He looked up and smiled at me as I walked around the sofa to stand in front of him in my laciest, sexiest underwear. As I swayed in time to the porn soundtrack beat he continued to fondle himself.

I slipped my hand into my knickers as I lay on Mr Holloway’s couch and felt very naughty indeed. I had never been so blatantly sexual in his home before and part of me was scared stiff of him discovering what I was doing, but the rest of me was so turned on I ignored the fear bubbling up in my chest and concentrated on the excitement created between the rubbing of my finger and the action in my mind.

In my fantasy I swayed forward and Mr Holloway reached out and grabbed my hips. I started to think of him as Jake as he pulled me towards him until I was straddling his lap, my arms around his neck. As I imagined his cock slipping into me, I rubbed fingers over my clit and moaned with excitement.

“Well, now there’s a sight I wasn’t expecting to see.”

My eyes flew open with a start and there in the doorway was Mr Holloway.

“Oh, my, I’m sorry Mr Holloway, I am so, so sorry.”

“Hush, Emma dear, it’s okay.”

“It’s just I was cleaning up and I spilt your red wine all over my dress, none went on your carpet though and I had to take it off and wash it and…”

With every “and” I uttered he stepped closer and closer. I moved to stand but he forcefully shook his head. “Stay there, don’t move.” His coat was thrown on the other end of the long, stylish sofa.

“I have dreamed of this so many times, Emma, don’t spoil my fantasy.”

He stood in front of me and I couldn’t pull my gaze away from his. His cold, cool eyes burned with something dangerous and exciting. He lowered himself to the seat beside me then reached out and ran a hand down my naked arm. I shivered. “You’re beautiful,” he murmured then leant in to kiss me. The moment his lips impacted on mine I exploded inside. My mind was a whir of questions but my body ignored them and responded singularly to the heat in his kiss and then as abruptly as it started his lips were snatched from mine.

“Emma,” he snapped, “as beautiful as you are you should not be masturbating on my time. I do not pay you to sit around my living room wanking.”

“No, Sir, I know, Sir,” I babbled, “I don’t know what came over me and I’ll just go and see if my dress is okay to go in the dryer and I’ll keep out of your way…”

“Emma, shut up,” he snapped and I obeyed, “you’re not going anywhere until you accept your punishment for being so naughty.”

“Okay,” I replied, so confused. This man had just kissed me, now he was angry. “You should dock my wages.” “I might just do that too, but first, I want you lying over my lap. I’m going to spank you.”

“Spank me?”

“Yes and the longer it takes for you to shut up and bend over my knee the longer I will spank you for.”

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