Sunday Snog from Literally Bitten. Vampire loving in a book shop!

Snogging time again! And today I’m starting Immortal Love week on my blog with a Sunday Snog from Literally Bitten which is out on general release tomorrow as part of the Total-E-Bound Immortal love collection.

Books brought them together, blood lust binds them, but can her puritanical father pull them apart?

Lily loves fiction and has done since she was a child. It was her escape from the harsh reality of life being brought up by just her over-protective dad. Tom only ever reads textbooks, claiming that there’s enough to fascinate in this world and that he has no need to read about pretend places. But when he walks into Lily’s book shop he finds out they have a lot more in common than he first thought.

When the young couple take a trip to the famous vampire and human bar, The Point, Lily gets a shock. Her estranged father is there as part of a Purity protest; he is violently opposed to her, Tom and anything that the cult calls unclean. Which is just about anything fun.

Can Lily and Tom overcome these prejudices and their own inexperience to find love that will last forever

Literally Bitten Vampire loving in a Book Shop Sunday Snog!

“You want me to kiss you,” he whispered and all she managed was a nod in acquiescence as their lips met.

Kissing was such a simple action yet it could be done wrongly in so many ways. Tom was a good kisser. He didn’t try to do anything fancy, just lip pressure on lip pressure until the build-up was too much and the position had to be changed. He read the signs and while passion mounted he pushed harder against her and his tongue darted tentatively between her lips. It didn’t feel intrusive and she swirled her tongue happily and it caressed and danced with his. She could taste the lingering note of the blood he’d just imbibed. Every human had a slightly different taste. His dinner was peppery like fresh rocket with an aftertaste of cream and salt, similar to feta cubes and olives.

The best kisses led to caresses. Lily roamed her hands over his back and down to the edge of his T-shirt. Tom cupped her cheeks then ran his hands down to her shoulders and gripped her tightly, like he was holding her in place. Lily was a mess of conflicting emotions inside. She was horny, so horny, yet she wasn’t sure she was ready to go much further than kissing, caressing and coming. What if Tom wanted more?

“I think your top is getting in the way,” he said matter-of-factly. “May I remove it?”

“Yes, as long as I can remove yours, too.”

“Only fair,” he responded while fiddling with her blouse buttons.

Lily waited patiently for him to finish then grabbed the bottom of his top and yanked it over his head.

“Look, Tom.” She couldn’t go any further without saying something. “I am really enjoying this, enjoying you. You turn me on so much but I need to tell you something.”

“Oh, I’m not hurting you, am I? I’m not that bad a kisser, am I?” Tom’s brow wrinkled with worry.

“No, oh no”—Lily stroked his arm comfortingly—“you are the best kisser I’ve ever experienced. I just need to tell you something.” She took a deep breath and bit on her bottom lip, working out how to continue.

“Okay, take your time, Lily. It’s all right.”

His soothing words eased her and she just said the words as they flooded her brain.

“Tom, I’m a virgin and I know that’s surprising and I know we’ve already been pretty sexually intimate and I liked that, loved it even, and I don’t want you to feel like it’s a judgement on you because it really isn’t, but I’m not ready to not be a virgin quite yet.” She let out a shuddering breath when she finally found the end of her long sentence.

“That’s okay”—he pushed a strand of dark hair off her face—“because I’m a virgin too and I feel the same.”

“Really?” Lily was shocked. “You’re that hot and still a virgin?”

“I could say the same about you. Do you realise how long it took me to pluck up the courage to walk into your shop? Years is not an exaggeration. I walk past your shop every day on my way to the library—” Lily shot him a look but before she could ask he continued, “I know, but it was only a little lie. I did always look at school books in the library. I’m into history. I’ve never had time for fiction before. I just needed to get your attention.”

“Oh, you got that all right,” Lily exclaimed.

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