Sunday Snog from Free Read Hitting the Jackpot


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Rachel is on a much needed holiday in Scarborough. One day a storm hits and she shelters in an arcade, She meets Mark who works there and falls instantly in lust. What follows is a wild weekend with lots of sexy and suprising seaside fun.

This is a shot short story and so this is a scorching hot excerpt….you’ve been warned.

“Fuck it,” he groaned and pushed me up against the wall between a shelving unit and a whack-a-mole machine that had obviously seen better days. His mouth covered mine and his hand ran up my sides to cup my breasts. I pulled him tight to me and tried to show him how much I wanted him. I poured all the frustration of my waiting into that kiss and his moan confirmed that he felt it. I felt it too when he pushed more firmly against me. He was hard and I wanted him to fill me. I stretched my hand down between us in a swift bold move and squeezed his bulge.

“Oh, shit.” He moaned. “I need to fuck you, Rachel, now.”

“Will someone see?” I asked while he lifted my skirt and yanked down my knickers.

“No, probably not. Well, possibly but I don’t care.”

“Neither do I,” I gasped and helped him to rip open the front of his trousers. “Fuck me, Mark.”

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