Sunday Snog Cougar style!

I fancied something a bit different today, so I’ve picked out a different kind of kiss from a different kind of couple!

Here’s the blurb for Till the End.

Susan falls instantly in lust with a young student she employs to be one of the till staff at the supermarket where she is head of personnel. She is obsessed by him, but twice his age and convinced he could never be interested in her – that is, until the Works Christmas party proves differently…


And the snog, I’ve used my artistic license for this one!

I salivated at just the thought of taking that cock in my mouth and when I lent forward and pushed my lips over it, I felt my pussy clench with pleasure. I had always enjoyed sucking cock. I loved the power of it all, the way I could leave a man trembling and moaning just from the feel of my mouth.

James was writhing, moaning and grasping at the red scatter cushions like a man passion had possessed. I hadn’t moved my mouth much, but I loved the taste of him, the feel of him there. I vowed that I would suck that cock in earnest another time, but right now, I had to feel him buried deep inside me.I let him slip from my mouth with a slurping pop then I stood up and licked my lips. He must have read my mind because without even a prompt from me he lay back on the couch, his legs close together, and his cock pornographically rising from his crotch.

I felt so sexy, so naughty and oh so good as I straddled him. He filled me so perfectly, I could feel him throbbing inside me as I began to rise and fall upon him. His mouth nipped up at my breasts as I lent forward. I was holding onto the sofa arm for support and every time I moved my hips, my breasts swayed. Yes, swayed and it felt amazing. I felt so erotic with my pendulous breasts being sucked and slurped at as they swung seductively over my young lover’s face.

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