Sunday Snog: Chocolate Cake and You from Best Erotic Romance 2013.

I’m going to be wicked again today and tempt you with a kiss from my short story, Chocolate Cake and You. It appears in Kristina Wright’s Best Erotic Romance 2013, here’s the blurb:

So what happens with love meets sex? Erotic love is that delicious blend of hearts and minds and bodies, a combination of sweet and dirty, romantic and sexy. Sex by itself—hot, steamy, sensual sex—is one of the best things this life has to offer. But then, so is love.

First love, new love, renewed love; love that has stood the test of time, love that has conquered every obstacles. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new relationship, such as Jeanette Grey’s yogo-bound characters in “Teach Me,” or a long-term relationship like Dominic Santi’s happily (and lusty) married couple in “Kiss of Peace”— the combination of sex and love is incendiary.

The collection is split between familiar authors and authors new to the genre. Best-selling author Kate Pearce delivers a scorching hot fantasy that takes place in a department store dressing room in “The Price of Love.” Teresa Noelle Roberts has a sweetly erotic story about parents waiting for their adopted son in “Waiting for Ilya” and Geneva King’s “Last Hundred Days” recounts the last hundred days between a divorcing couple.

I just recently finished reading this book and I have to say, it’s a fab collection. I obviously can’t judge my own work, though, I’m a bit biased there. But if you like your erotica to pull on the heart strings you’ll love tihs anthology. I was thrilled to see how much deep emotion could be conveyed even through such short stories.

In my tale Laura is craving a very particular chocolate cake baked by an ex-boyfriend she regrets dumping. The fun starts when she gives into her craving and forgets her new year’s diet.


“Laura, you’ve got a little buttercream…”

“Where?” I wave my hand in front of my face. He slides closer to me on the sofa and turns my face towards him with a fingertip. My skin burns where he touches me.

“Just, there.” He whispers. His lips close in on mine and he’s kissing me, his tongue snakes out and brushes my lips, I open my mouth and allow him entrance. I am in heaven. I can taste creamy chocolate and hard man.

“I’m sorry.” I gasp when our lips part for a moment, “I’m so sorry.”

“Sh,” he replies, places a finger over my lips, “I believe you dripped a little bit of buttercream down here too.” “No,” I mumble round his finger, “I didn’t.” Yes, I am that stupid.

“Oh, I must have done it then,” he says, bending to the side, sliding his finger through the top of the gorgeous cake then running the chocolate gooeyness down my chest “silly me.”

His finger trails down over my chin and into my cleavage. He smiles wickedly then kisses trails of burning lust down to my breasts.

“Chocolate and you,” he gasps, “my favourite things.”

“Yes,” I reply, “I couldn’t live without your cake.”

He pouts so sweetly and I laugh. A real, proper laugh. I can’t remember the last time I’d done that.

“What? No one bakes for me like you.”

“No, my love, they don’t. Now let me fuck you. It is the only payment I demand for my top class chef skills.”

“Yes,” I reply as he rips open my blouse buttons, “and very reasonable a payment plan it is too.”

“I’ve always thought so,” he moans. Ryan licks and nibbles my chocolate smeared chest while he fiddles with the fastening of my bra. He’s surely covering it with chocolate finger prints but I really don’t care. I gasp as the catch clicks open. He rips the lacy material from my shoulders and throws it to the side. Ryan then dips his fingers in the icing once more and slaps a blob onto each boob. He’s careful to cover both nipples, he runs his fingertip around them several times exciting them to rock hard nibs then he ducks his head to capture one in his mouth. He sucks there for a while then swaps to the other. I’m burning with need and desire by the time he’s licked me clean.

“I need more…” I groan and reach out to whip his t-shirt off and over his head, “…chocolate.” The buttercream is cool and deliciously greasy on my fingers. I trail them over his chest, leaving a trail of chocolate goodness that I follow with my lips and tongue. I love the contrast of cool, giving icing against his hot, hard chest. I tease his nipples then dip into his belly button as I slip off the sofa and onto the floor at his feet. I settle between his thighs. I can feel his cock straining against his jeans as my breasts jiggle at the level of his crotch.

You can pick up Best Erotic romance in paperback and ebook, all the links and details are available here.

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