Sunday Snog -Blisse Kiss with Heart.

It’s here! It’s the start of my week long contest where you can win lots and lots and lots of lovely prizes from authors of hot, sexy stories. But not just sexy stories, sexy stories that benefit charities! Make sure you check out for sexy flash fiction and more kissing stuff!


So readers what do you have to do? Well, you need to read through all the hot excerpts in the list below starting with mine right here and then you need to leave a comment on each post. When you leave a comment you’re put into that authors draw to win, simple as that. And you’ve got until the 30th March to get your comments in, so plenty of time to really enjoy all these hot excerpts.

Now, I suppose you’ll want an excerpt! I’m spoilt for choice really. I’ve got Dirty Deeds in Uniform Behaviour where a share of proceeds go to Help for Heroes. I’ve also got Vanilla with Extra Nuts over at All Romance Ebooks. Proceeds go to the American Heart Foundation. But really, my heart lies with Coming Together. I was there at it’s birth and I’m proud to still support the cause whole-heartedly. Each and every Coming Together volume gives all it’s profits to the charity of it’s choice. I have stories that appear in Coming Together:Under Fire and Coming Together: The Erotic Cocktail vol.1 and with the recent hoo hah with paypal trying to opress our rights I’m chosing an excerpt from My story “Not what you see, what you feel” that appears in Erotic Cocktail vol.1. The proceeds of which go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation who fight for our rights in the digital world.


“Louise?” Paul spoke my name and roused me from my revelry “It really turned you invisible then?”

“Yeah it’s me. How, how did you guess?”

“I can see my semen on your cheek and chin. I cannot see YOU and so I put two and two together. You’re the only person I know who has invisibility rub!” I was impressed by how calm he seemed.

“Oh. Well erm you said to come and find you if it really worked” I stuttered. I was beginning to feel self-conscious

“I know, I’m not upset. A little freaked out, but not angry at all. It felt so good to have your mouth around me. I was fantasising your mouth was doing such amazing things to my cock and then suddenly your mouth was! Totally amazing and I am sure every man’s wet dream!”

“Yeah I guess” I smiled, relief flooding through me.

“Are you permanently invisible now?” He asked

“Oh no, it wears off. Should wear off sometime soon actually.” I reply. “Oh good, because I feel a right idiot talking to thin air” He chuckled, that smile lit up his face.

“Come and sit on the sofa” his hand reached out to me and I took it, I felt a feeling of de ja vu as Paul pulled me to my feet and I moved over to the couch.

When I was seated Paul passed me a tissue from a box on the table and I cleaned myself up. An awkward silence fell over us until

“Kiss me”

“Pardon?” I couldn’t have heard him right

“I want to kiss you Louise but I can’t see your lips. Kiss me. Please?” I’ve never been able to resist a polite man, especially not one with such wonderfully heart meltingly brown puppy dog eyes, So I leant in, and gently pressed my lips against his.

Our lips moved together, kissed gently and softly at first, tentatively his tongue touched my lips and I parted them, allowing him entrance to my mouth. My tongue rubbed up against this invader, wrapped itself around it and felt out if it was friend or foe. The passion was building and building, one of my hands moved to cup his face and I felt Paul’s arm come up and around me, slowly and carefully he pulled me tighter and began to stroke my arm with a finger. He was “looking” at me through his fingertips, feeling what normally his eyes would see.

So, now for the prize…oooooh! I’m giving three people a chance to win the Blisse Book of their choice. You can pick any one of my single author ebooks and I’ll send it to you. Ooh, nice, eh? So I will email the winners on the 31st March. How do you win this prize? Well, comment on this post and mention the Blisse ebook you’d like to win. Please note only comments where a book is specified will go into the draw. Check my ebook list here to chose what you want.

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