Sunday Snog – Be My Valentine.


Welcome to this week’s Sunday Snog. I’m showcasing a brand new short story release today which is included in not one, but two collections. If you want a short, sexy anthology pick up XoXo but if you want more, more, more then get the full, cram packed edition Be My Valentine XoXo.

This tantalizing collection combines the red-hot stories from both Be My Valentine and XOXO. With a total of twelve sexy shorts from well-known erotic authors, you will enjoy the variety within. From a loving couple exploring their most intimate desires to a chance encounter with a barman that progresses quicker than intended, these stories will certainly spice up your day!

be my valentine

I’m being a bit liberal in my interpretation of kiss today, as my story, Porn Interrupted is all about a phone sex encounter but I hope you enjoy it.

“Pete. Tell me one of your fantasies.” I swear I can hear her moving in her seat.

“Ok well, I’ve got lots. I hope I don’t get too kinky for you.” I laugh nervously and she makes that throaty chuckle noise again. I can’t help myself, I stroke myself through my boxers. Did I mention that I always surf for porn in just my underwear?

“One of my favourite fantasies was inspired by my old French teacher at school. She was a big buxom lady and I was fascinated by her. Anyway my fantasy is to be tied down to a bed, naked, then I want a beautiful curvy naked lady to come and sit on my face and make me lick her to orgasm.”

That was definitely a moan from her end of the phone. Oh God I think we’re doing it. I think we’re really having phone sex. I think.

“I have always had a schoolgirl fantasy.” She’s continuing, and her continuing is causing me to yank my cock from my pants and gently stroke it. “I’ve always wanted to be the naughty school girl, you know? Sent to the Headmaster’s office and punished.”

“You’re a naughty girl aren’t you Tina?” I butt in. I hope this works. I want to join her fantasy, I want to give her something good to remember about today.

“Yes. Yes I am,” she hesitates a moment then stammers. “S..sir.”

“Well then you’ll have to be made to be a good girl. I shall spank the naughtiness out of you.” A sharp intake of breath and a muffled moan leads me to believe she’s playing with herself. I ease my cock from my pants and admire its full aching length.

“You’re being naughty now, aren’t you Tina?” I growl the question. My cock feels good in my hand and I need this release.

“Yes sir.” She sounds breathless.

“Tell me what you’re doing naughty girl.” I demand in my sternest voice. Shit, this is like a dream come true. Well least I have the audio, better than the crappy staged porn stuff. Fuck the power of porn and all hail the erotic phone conversation.

For my story and 5 more pick up XoXo but if you want more, more, more then get the full, cram packed edition Be My Valentine XoXo.

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