Sunday Snog at the Masquerade – Sharing Nicely!

 The Blisse Kiss image this week involves masks so I took that as a sign that I should share a kiss from Sharing Nicely and more precisely a kiss from the Venetian Masked ball!

Two hot, sexy billionaires know what they want and they want her, but will they be happy to share nicely?

Kerry Matthews is used to stress—she runs her own high-end London club called Diamonds, but what she isn’t used to is attention from two very persuasive and powerful men.

Darren Bennett and Greg Stamford are life-long rivals, but call a truce to spend one night with sassy, curvy Kerry. They’re not content to share forever though. They both have a selfish desire to possess her completely.

Darren buys her seductive lingerie, flowers and chocolates, Greg flies her to Paris for a romantic break, cleans her flat and makes her breakfast in bed. Both vying to cement their place in her heart. She needs to decide between them but is dazzled by their persuasive personas and extravagant gifts.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a scene of MFM Ménage and some violence.

“When did you learn to dance?” I asked. “Oh, early on. I had a girlfriend who was aristocracy. I needed to learn to dance to attend an event with her. She was a complete cow, but I will be forever thankful for the dancing lessons.”

“You’re very good,” I whispered in his ear when he stopped to pick up a canapé from a silver tray held out by a butler. “I think you’ve got the hips for it.”

“So have you,” he returned, squeezing my waist with one hand and eating the caviar-decorated nibble in one bite. “How long do we have to stay?” I asked. “I mean, it’s fun but I’d prefer to dance with you naked, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh, I know what you mean,” he growled and pulled me into a full embrace. I flushed. I wasn’t sure his rough behaviour was suitable for such a setting. No one seemed to have noticed us, though. “But I think we can hang around here and have some fun still. Follow me.”


“Oh, yeah, really.” He leant forward and kissed me. I wondered what kind of fun he meant. Surely sex was out of the question.

He pulled back after a long, slow kiss that curled my toes in their fine satin confines and pulled me behind him towards a table in the corner of the room that was laid out with edible delights. I looked at them and thought it would be great fun to eat but it wasn’t quite what I needed to satisfy my appetite at that moment.

“Take a plate,” Greg whispered in my ear, “and some food, then stand right here, by the wall.”

I didn’t know what he had planned but I followed his directions. One moment he was beside me then he wasn’t. I picked a few items off the table and stood, plate in hand, at the very end of the trestle, back to the wall and side to the table. I picked at the food before me. I wasn’t vastly hungry and even though the morsels were elegant and delicious I was too nervy to truly appreciate them.

What was Greg up to? As I watched the party twirling around me I realised one of the things I loved about Greg was that he kept me guessing. He was definitely not predictable.

I jumped when I felt my skirt being lifted at my side. I looked down and saw a blue shoulder between my dress and the white of the table. The pattern was very familiar and after a few seconds Greg was beneath my skirt.

I didn’t know what to do. I tried to look nonchalant. I hoped no one had noticed what he’d done. I looked around me and conversations continued, the music played and dancers danced. It seemed that he’d pulled off the stealthy move. Warm fingers curled around my ankle and I tried not to move. A strong hand travelled up my calf, onto my thigh and higher. I glanced around and smiled. I tried to give away nothing as Greg’s touch rose between my thighs and he stroked over the crotch of my knickers.

I held fast, braced myself against the onslaught of arousal that coursed through me from his continued stroking. I didn’t want to drop my plate, or knock the table or do anything else to draw attention. I remembered the food in my hand and decided I should at least try to eat something, just in case someone noticed.

I lifted a crisp piece of bread to my lips, smelling the creamy mozzarella and sharp tomato that sat on top of my bruschetta, along with the herbal hint of basil. I just had the tempting bite at lip level when Greg’s questing finger found its way under the lace of my pretty underwear and into the warm cleft beneath. I moaned and hoped people would think it was at the delicious nature of the food.

I put the bread down again without taking a bite because he pressed on. His fingers sank into my giving flesh and I stretched around to accommodate him. His fingers repetitively sank into me and with each thrust I was certain my knees were going to give way under me and I’d collapse down onto him. I felt the fine satin of his jacket against my inner thigh and was aware of him shifting beneath me. His other arm wrapped over my hip and his other fingers dipped down into the groove of my pubis. His face was pressed against my buttocks, I could feel his breath moistening the back of my knickers and combined with the pressure on my clit and his fingers inside me I was as close to undone as a woman could be in so many clothes. I had to hold myself straight and try not to pant or moan out loud. I prayed no one would approach me. There was a crowd around, a queue of people along the buffet and many of them were within earshot. It was almost impossible to control the ecstasy that whizzed around my body as I built speedily to a climax.

I had to close my eyes when the orgasm overtook me. He bit my arse as I came and I bit hard down on my lip to stop from yelping. The pain of his teeth in my flesh carried the pleasure to the next level. I shook and shuddered and flicked open my eyes as soon as I could.

“Are you okay, miss?” a tall, thin old man in a black plague doctor mask asked. “Oh, yes,” I said. “Just a little warm, that’s all.”

The gentleman nodded. “You should get some fresh air, dear.”

“I will,” I replied, aware of Greg pulling his fingers from within me and replacing the crotch of my underwear to where it should be.

The kindly gentleman wandered off and I put my plate down on the table. I was sure I was going to drop it because I shook with the relief flowing through me.

“Enjoy that?” Greg appeared at my elbow and made me jump.

“Yes,” I said with a nod, “and no. You’re wicked.”

“I am,” he replied with a huge grin and a gloating laugh.

“I will have to plot my revenge,” I continued. “But right now I need fresh air.”

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