Sunday Snog – Another Boollywood Kiss.

As you all love Johnny the Djinn and his human Rahul so much I thought I’d share another Silver Screen Dream kiss with you all for today’s Sunday Snog!

I hope you enjoy it, I certainly enjoyed writing it!



I turned around at the low rumble of my name as it fell from the lips of my crush.

“Rahul, can I help?”

“Yes, I think you can,” he said. “I think only you can.”

He pulled me into his arms and kissed me. I wish I’d had more time to appreciate it before my mind was swallowed with heat and desire. I wanted to have that slow-mo moment as the lovers run towards one another as the lust builds and the anticipation grows in the stomach of all those watching.

I just had his lips on mine, his arms around me and the explosion of passion that made me feel weak. I don’t think I had anything to complain about, really. He was rough and demanding. He ran his fingers into my hair and pulled out the sensible clip that held my rambunctious riot of curls up and out of the way. He grabbed my curly locks, pulled me tighter to his lips and I responded with equal intensity.

I was dreaming, or at least I had magically had my deepest wish granted. He roamed his hands from my head to my waist then down over my buttocks. His groan echoed through my body as he squeezed, and I opened my mouth wider in shocked arousal. He took advantage and slipped his tongue inside to dance with mine. I didn’t know what to do with my hands. I just clung onto his shoulders like a woman who was about to swoon.

I hope you enjoyed that taste of Bollywood, for more check out Silver Screen Dream which is my latest release from Total-E-Bound. If you need more kisses this morning please check out the other Sunday Snogs in the list below and check back through the day to see if more have been added. :)

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