Sunday Snog – A Princess Bound.


A Princess Bound, the latest Kristina Wright Anthology is out early and I’m in it! So today I’m sharing a bit of fairytale fantasy from my story called Black of Knight which features in this collection of Adult Fairy Stories.

Face it, fairy tales were always kind of kinky: from beautiful queens tied up in knots by wicked sorcerers to a wide variety of naughty and nice scenarios. Someone was always getting tied to a bed! In this new anthology of erotic romance fairy tales from the editor of the best-selling Fairy Tale Lust and Lustfully Ever After, the fairy tales are naughtier and have a BDSM twist. Retellings of the classics are joined with clever original tales, making for a darkly sensual and intensely romantic collection.

Cathy Yardley, author of Crave: The Seduction of Snow White, introduces this compilation of enticing out-of-this-world erotic romance.


Kisses from a dark kidnapper…but is the Black Knight the scoundrel he’s always been painted as?

The Black Knight pulled some rolled up skins from the back of the cave. He rolled one out on the floor. “Join me and we’ll sleep.”

“Thank you,” I nodded, “but I must get this blasted corset off first or my back will break, could you aid me?”

“Certainly,” he replied.

He walked behind me and with more brute force than skill, opened the back of my dress. It was probably ruined, I didn’t care.

“What is this torturous contraption?” he muttered as he pulled chords and swore under his breath.

“It is to capture fair maidens, to cut off blood flow to the brain and keep them easy to control.”

“I note it did not work with you, m’lady.”

“No,” I smiled wistfully, “my father encouraged my thinking, this garment could not undo the swelling of my intellect.”

At last the blasted boning fell free and I sighed deeply, my ribs singing with the joy of release.

“You are marked,” he said, tracing the red bites of the tightened coils with his thick, warm fingers. “It is barbaric.” He continued to trace the lines and I stood stock still, my only movement the heaving of my chest.

“I rather enjoyed the constriction,” I replied with a smile, “but I am glad to be free of it.”

“You liked being restricted?” His voice was husky with desire.

“I did.” I whispered.

He continued to inspect my flesh and when his fingers reached my hips, he tore lower, so that the silken material fell free. I was left exposed, as I never wore undergarments, much to my maid’s despair. I was naked but I was not vulnerable. In my skin I was myself once more, Dragon Daughter not Princess Eloise.

The black Knight moved around my body, his fingers never left my flesh. He stopped before me and looked directly into my eyes.

“I may be the scourge of the kingdom,” he said, “but I will not take a maiden without her consent as much as my body roars at me to ravish you right now.”

“You want me?” I asked, the words caught in my desire and came out hoarse.

“I do,” he replied, hands gripped around my waist, his chest inches from my agitated bosom.

“Then take me.” His lips were on mine before my sentence was done. The force of his desire buckled my knees but he held me close to him. I felt the evidence of his need pressing against my stomach and I grabbed onto his shoulders through the light material of his shirt and let him ravage me.

“I want to try something, Dragon’s Daughter, do you trust me?”

It was a strange question to ask the woman he had kidnapped but I eagerly asserted that I did.


He picked up my ruined dress and ripped away a strip of silk. He moved to me and wrapped the length around my wrists, tying it with a knot so that I could not separate them. I felt my skin heat and my desire mount at being at his mercy.

He tumbled me carefully to the floor, just upon the skin he’d laid out. He removed his shirt and breeches in a hurry and laid once more beside me before my skin could cool from his amorous attack. I blended into him as far as I could, my hands trapped in bounds and held in place between our bodies.I kissed him back with great ferocity and growled while his lips raked down my throat and his teeth bit into the flesh at the dip beneath my chin.

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