Sunday Snog #54

Smut in the City is out and has a great 5 star review already!

I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough in this around-the-world-in-two-hundred-pages HaWt extravaganza, and can’t get enough of Lucy Felthouse and Victoria Blisse. What a team those ladies make! – JoAnne Kenrick

It’s the second anthology I’ve co-edited with my fellow Northern Bird, Lucy Felthouse and I’m so glad it’s going down (oo er) so well!

sitcSmut in the CitySultry, smouldering sex in the city is the theme of this erotic anthology, edited by Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse.

From the stifling heat of the London Underground to the crumbling walls of Rome’s Colosseum, Smut in the City has it all. Whatever your interpretation of sultry urban sex, there’s something nestling between the covers for you. Lusty couples, horny office workers, hunky bakers and gardeners, tourists and the Mafia are portrayed for your titillation in this exciting collection of stories from erotica’s finest authors

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A Snog from Mad Fer it in Manchester by Victoria Blisse.

“Follow me,” I say to Stuart when we approach the main doors of my office building, “I know a back way in.”

“Hey,” I nod to Carl the caretaker as we walk in the open fire door behind him. Carl barely bats an eye, he just continues to suckle on his wrinkled up roll up and ignores us.

“Lunchtime means Carl’s fag break,” I grin, “I knew he’d have the fire door open. Now if we’re in luck…yes!”

I push on the door to the stock room and it opens. I pull Stuart in after me then slam the door shut behind us. I look to the side, pick up a brush and jam it beneath the door handle.

“Bloody hell, Lauren. Have you done this before?”

“Sometimes a girl needs a bit of space to finish reading a book or to enjoy a bit of self pleasure. It’s certainly more pleasant in here than in the ladies loos.” I drop my bag to the floor and look around.

“Point taken.” He nods.

“Now, let’s get these clothes off. If we hang them over the air conditioning vent they might dry a bit.”

“God knows, I love a forward woman.” Stuart fumbles open the buttons on his shirt.

I laugh and kick off my shoes then I undo the buttons on my blouse. I hope I’ve got on some fairly decent underwear under all this. I generally just pull out the first things in my drawer. My bra is cotton and practical but at least it is still white and not the well-worn grey of the majority of my collection.

Stuart’s moan seems to indicate he likes the way it clings to me in its current damp condition. He’s got his shirt off now and the breath catches in my throat. He’s hard and lithe and I want to run my hands over his lightly tanned skin. He passes me his shirt and I hang it with mine by the vent. I lay out his suit jacket and his trousers too then scoot out of my skirt.

It slips from my fingers and to the floor as Stuart grabs me and pulls me in for a ferocious kiss. I return it with passion, wrapping my arms around his shoulders to cling on I smooth my body to his and feel the significant bulge at crotch level. Fuck, he’s turned on like I am. My knickers, I don’t know if they’re decent or not, I forgot to check, are damp but I know it’s not from the water fight. Stuart has me so hot that I feel like my core is melting. My knees buckle under the pleasure onslaught as he insinuates a hand down between us and against the damp crotch of my underwear.

“These are soaking, better get ’em off, Lauren.” He mumbles between dropping kisses in the dip of my neck.

“Okay,” I respond. He skims them off my hips to pool at my feet. I step out of the wet material then turn my attention to his boxers. “You better lose yours too before you break out of them.”

“Yes,” Stuart growls. I grip them and push down, “You make me so fucking horny, baby, my dick’s aching for you.”

“Oh, well then, I should give dick some attention then, eh?” I let his boxers drop and wrap my fingers around his erection. He groans and I shift my hand up and down, appreciating the heft of his manhood and wondering at just how hard he is. I need his cock inside me.

“One moment,” I whisper and he whimpers his disappointment when I pull back. I look around, locate my bag and hurry over to it. I bend down, aware he’ll be able to see my arse cheeks part as I do. His gasp indicates he likes what he sees. I unzip the bag, dip inside and pull out the box of condoms.

“Bought them with my ham sandwich,” I grin. “Now, I believe we’re ready to fuck.”

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