Sunday Snog.

So snogs. Snogs are brilliant, okay, I know it’s not the sexiest of terms but I like how British it is. Anyhow, whether you want to call it a kiss, a smooch or a game of tonsil hockey here’s this week’s sizzling Sunday snog!

This sensational smooch is from Getting Physical, which is currently available for $2.39 as I am Author of the month and discounted, cool eh? Anyway, Getting Physical is told from two points of view,skinny and self-conscious John and Curvy Terri who is not the most self confident person ever. They meet in a gym, Johns a regular but Terri only goes to appease her mother. When they first meet things don’t exactly go swimmingly but after John saves Terri from a scary situation they discover their mutual attraction.

“You have the most kissable lips…” I sighed, and as if I was under some external influence, I leant forward and closed the gap between us. I could feel her breath on my cheek. I waited for her to move, or to voice a rejection, but she didn’t and I pressed on.

I drifted closer. My lips brushed hers, barely touching them, but my body was electrified all the same. Every inch of me strained towards her, including my cock. I was so hard, and I wasn’t even kissing her yet. I pressed closer, expecting a slap, but her lips moulded to mine. I wrapped my arms around her, bringing her close to me.

I was delighted to feel her fingers embracing my bicep on one side and my shoulder on the other. Her touch signalled her acquiesce, and I stopped worrying and just kissed. It was sheer instinct that pressed my lips harder onto hers. It was my first real kiss, all the other pecks faded into insignificance as I revelled in her gentle touch.

Something changed, suddenly she was pressing harder against me, her tongue slipping between my lips to tango with my own. It was exquisitely strange, and I loved every moment of it. I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest. The hard little nipples dug into the flesh covering my ribs as her hands travelled up into my hair and held me to the kiss.

She didn’t need to, though. I wouldn’t have stopped that kiss for anything. I didn’t want to gasp or even breathe; a man could die happy that way

I hope you enjoyed today’s kiss! I’ll do my best to supply you with one every Sunday!