Sinful Sunday
This is me, last Sunday on the bus heading to church. Look at that innocent face, skin well covered and with a sweet smile. The only note of naughtiness is the collar. What an angel, huh?
Now contrast that with my Sinful Sunday image. I was sat on my sofa, by the living room window, looking through other Sinful Sunday contributions and I started to think about what I might do for next week. My images are quite often my butt. So I decided that my boobs needed to make an appearance so they don’t feel left out of course.
Then I noticed the light and that the top of my dress was quite loose…and well, 5 mins before leaving the house to go to church I captured this image.
My Sunday breast.
Check out more sinful Sunday’s by clicking the lips at the top of this post and enjoy! I’m not off to church this Sunday. Instead I’m taking the Erotic Tombola to Kage. Maybe see you there?