When summer hits, I don’t know about you, but I long for my childhood days when I could really enjoy the long, sunny days with picnics and paddling in my play pool and riding around the park on my bike.

It’s just not quite the same as an adult with the washing and the chores is it? My daughter finishes school today for the long summer holiday, she’s six and I’m sure we’ll have many picnics this summer and I’ll be able to spend some time just enjoying the sun and the warmth whilst moaning about it no doubt, I am British after all!

I came over a bit emotional this morning, dropping her off at school. All the kids had little presents for the teachers and it just hit me that another year of her childhood has flown by. She’s growing up so fast! She is looking forward to moving up another class and will no doubt be asking me soon when she can go back to school, she loves it and will miss her friends over the holidays.

I’m looking forward to planning fun days out. We’ll have to go to the Manchester Museum to visit Stan, the Dinosaur, we do that every holiday. We’ll go for picnics we have some great parks around where we live and we’ll visit grandparents and great grandparents whilst we have the time. We’ve got our Seaside holiday to look forward to with donkey rides and making sandcastles on the beach.

Wonderful British, summer fun. I can’t wait.