To keep moving forward

Sometimes you have to stop.


Take care.

Just stay right there

and take a moment, an hour a day.


Just stay right there

and care

for you.

I know, I know,

I really know.

It’s really hard to stop

and grow.

There’s so much to do.

Tasks to complete,

ways we compete,

but it’s all obsolete

if you don’t just stop.

Hop off

the daily grind

and remember you.

You matter.

Your happiness is important.

You deserve the care you give away.

Give it to yourself too,

go on, do.

Treat yourself

or just tend to your needs.

Take care of business.

Take care of necessities.

Take care of YOU.

Self care isn’t all bubble baths and chocolate cake.

It can be tasks that make your heart ache.

Essential maintenance that isn’t fun

but needs done.


 to move forward.


to keep going.


to Carry on.