Tenseld is not only wonderfully mean, he is endlessly inventive. The daffodildo idea aside, he has many a wicked wondering. It’s one of reasons I love play with him.

So, when I heard he had worked out a way to light flash cotton with a violet wand, I was in. I wanted to try that out.  We’d played with flash cotton before, a winding route up the front of my body gave me a sense of impending doom as the fire raced towards my face…EEK! So Mr Blisse and I made our way to the Daytime Do at Miss T’s.

This time, we decided to keep the play to my back and butt. So I would be able to feel, but not see. I’d never know what was going to happen next.  Tenseld is a thorough top. He talked me through what was what, the risks and the rewards. We also did a test run on my arm so I could feel the violet wand zaps and how it sets off the flash cotton. I loved the taster so we went on with the plan. It was only just before I lay down to get comfy that he told me it was very important that I didn’t wiggle and giggle and move.

Which basically is exactly what I ALWAYS do when tortured (delightfully) with Electric. However, I promised I would do my best to stay still.

And of course, the first zaps from the violet wands (he went with 2) made me jump. However, from there on in I think I controlled myself pretty well. Well, movement-wise anyway.

I made a lot of noise. I mean, Tenseld was mean. The electrodes used were very focused (to set off the flash cotton) and he had a grand time finding the particular spots that were the most uncomfortable. The violet wand felt like a tingling sting generally but sometimes it felt like a penetrating beam, pushing through seemingly to the other side of me or like a red hot poker being dug in or dragged along the skin.

Sometimes it was so painful I couldn’t stay still, but I had to stay still, in those moments I bit my own hand. Hard. It’d work to displace the pain for a moment and keep me as a relatively stable surface.

Evidence of my self-biting about 10 mins after play stopped

I never knew when the flash cotton would ignite until it did and it always left a soothing warmth. I never thought I’d think of fire as soothing, but there you go. It was. Like the comfort of a hot water bottle. I enjoyed the flames. I know not being able to see them definitely helped with that!

Now, there were a few spots on my thighs and butt that were still bruised from play the Sunday before…Tenseld definitely had fun playing on those, though not too much, I appreciated that the he only touched the bruises a few times randomly as it hurt in a brain-busting way.

When we finished I had some skin reddening. Basically because I burn easily. Tenseld kept an eye on them and although they flared up immediately, they didn’t get unbearable.  My skin is milky and delicate and we played fairly intensely. (The reddening was all but gone the next day, the few patches left got watched and treated with aloe and disappeared not long after)

I was a very happy V when we finished. Much pain, much fun, so very content.

Now, that’s all I was expecting for the day. Mr Blisse and I decided to hang on to say hey to some of the ropey folks, because who doesn’t want hugs from lovely folk? But somehow I ended up being a bunny.

Oh, that’s it. Ran happened. I wasn’t busy, so he first tied me in the social room. A hand behind my back, one in front. It was rather comfy and very pretty.

No, I’m not wolverine, not sure what I was doing with my hand here!

Then I ended up being Ran’s bunny as he taught folks how to do what I a fairly confident was called a TK (see, I listen) and I patiently stood or spun round as needed.

Now I’ve not done a lot with rope, generally. What I’ve done I’ve enjoyed but I’ve not been completely taken with it. I’ve found it relaxing in the past but not been taken by the rope bug. Maybe it was something in the nature of this tie or something in the nature of the rigger (Ran does beautiful things with rope, even when you’re just observing him doing it on someone else) or maybe it was because I hurt already. I had brusies and violet wand marks and the ropes dug in quite pleasantly.

Maybe I need some pain to really enjoy the rope thing.

Anyhow, I did enjoy it. The slow tightening of the tie, each new twist and knot added a new pressure, I was pulled in, pulled taut and it felt pleasant. It was painful in a comfortable way.

Ran kept checking in, to make sure I was okay. I was. This photo shows just how happy I was to be all tied up.

I didn’t realise how tied up I was until Ran untied me. As those applied pressures released I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure. I now see what people rave about with rope. Wow.  And the marks are so pretty!

A day of new experiences that left me with a smile on my face. Even when the bus journey home was extra uncomfortable. And when the hard wooden chair at Nandos dug into my recently angered thigh bruise each time I stood or sat down.

I couldn’t stop smiling. I love my life!