Hello everyone, welcome to Summer. Alright, so technically I’m somewhat early but the summer weather hit the UK with a vengeance yesterday and who’s going on holiday today? Yep, me, woo. I seem to have timed this holiday just right.

As you all know by now I’m off to Scarborough later today to spend a week making sandcastles and eating ice creams in the sun by the sea. No, don’t feel too jealous because you can join me quite easily. Oh yes, as people know I write about the places I love and so Scarborough features in a few of my stories.

Firstly we have Scentsual.

Scents, Sex and Sea, what else could a girl want?

Kelly escapes to the comforting scent filled haven of Scarborough to find respite from her busy career. She doesn’t expect to find romance but when she bumps into the young plumber Rob she cannot help but be attracted to his masculine scent and his gorgeous body.

They fit together perfectly. His submissive nature is a delight to Dominant Kelly who enjoys using him for her pleasure whilst pushing his sexual boundaries to their very limits.

And here is a teeny, tiny excerpt from the first page of the book to whet your appetite ;)

As soon as I stepped off the train I was soothed by the scents, even in the middle of town. I could smell the sea, a light, crisp edge to the cool breeze and the fish and chip shops left a vinegar tang to the air. The smell took me back to my childhood, when we used to come here for our holidays. We spent a week in Scarborough each year. My parents loved the sights and sounds. I fell in love with the smells. The sweetness of donuts, the sharp salt on the breeze, the comforting odour of the damp sand beneath my feet. I regularly visit my childhood sanctuary to rest in the comforting scents and take in the familiar sights. It is my escape when work just becomes too much for me.


And if you can’t find all the Scarborough you need in there, don’t worry, there’s even more. Check out Sweet Surrender!

Sweet Surrender is the story of Helen’s holiday.

She’s just broken up with her boyfriend and finds herself in the sunny, bustling Scarborough surrounded by Love Birds and just as she’s about to give up and go home she meets Tom.

Tom is a confident photographer who offers to take her on the tour of the town but by taking the tour Helen discovers more about herself and her personality than about the sweet, seaside town.

and now, another saucy except. Here’s Tom, your capable guide ;)

Tom nonchalantly leaned on the model Pirate, watching the children run down the harbour to the docked ship and hearing the worried yells of their parents chasing behind in back packs and pack-a-macks. It was a typical English summer day. One moment you could be risking sunburn and heat exhaustion and the next you could be soaked to the skin.

Tom loved this kind of weather. The clouds whipped around, forming valleys and mountains and sweeps, chiffonier ribbons of soft, silky haze. And, of course, what isn’t to love about a beautiful young lady in a sundress getting soaked through with rain?

He was not inclined to panic when she didn’t turn up at the allotted time, not even fifteen minutes later. He’d dealt with women like Helen before, and he would wait here for hours if needed. She had to exert some control over the situation; choosing what time she’d show up was part of that. As long as she was comfortable, Tom would be happy.

“I am so sorry I’m late.” she flustered when she arrived, her cheeks flushing redder than her dress.

“No worries.” Tom smiled,” I enjoy watching the world go by.” He took her by the elbow and guided her through the throng of holidaymakers, past the baying and flashing of the seaside casinos and down onto the sandy softness of the beach.

“I’ll get sand in my sandals.” she squeaked, then smiled nervously as she realized how silly it sounded.

“You cannot say you have been on a proper seaside trip if you’ve not walked upon the sand. Besides, you get the best uncluttered views from the sea edge.” Tom let go of her, and handled his expensive camera, setting up shots of the bay, shots he must have taken a million times before.


So pick up a bit of Sensual Scarborough fun today and we can enjoy it together!

See you next week! *runs out of door, bucket and spade in hand*