Spotlight on Sommer Marsden.

You know one of my favourite things about being in the erotic writing business is the community. I will tell you know that some of the most genuine, sweet, kind and sincere people I’ve ever met are erotica authors. I love getting together with them because they understand me, they get me and don’t think I’m completely insane for writing what I write. Or maybe they do think I’m mad but it’s okay because we’re all slightly barmy in this game.

One such inspiring author is Sommer Marsden. Not only is she a fantastically talented author she’s sweet and kind and witty with it. She very often makes me laugh out loud and she shares my love of Doctor Who and finding a good bargain.


This isn’t a guest post by Sommer, this is a little blog post by me for her because, bless her heart, she’s got it rough at the moment. Her husband is fighting pancreatic cancer and of course, this means her whole family is fighting right along side him. It’s tough emotionally, physically and financially for them and as much as I can’t go round and offer to cook them dinner I can tell you all to go and buy Sommer’s brilliant books!

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We kill Dead things

I can even recommend a few to you, I’ve reviewed We Kill Dead things and you can read that here and it has zombies, ooooh! Pick up your copy here.


And Boys Next Door is a delight. I Had this to say about it:

“Sommer writes fabulous Characters and Farrell is a delight. There are twists and turns in this sex-saturated novel that I didn’t see coming and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. There’s lots of sex but it doesn’t ever feel gratuitous and every scene is written brilliantly well. This is an unconventional romance that any fan of erotica is bound to love”
and pick up your copy here.


And ‘cos we know a good story when we see one, Sommer Marsden features in Smut in the City with a great Tale called A Long Hot Hammer


and also Lush Buns is is Coming Together with Curves edited by the Northern Birds again and all profits go to Parkinsons UK.

So go on, indulge yourself and pick up a damn good read by this fantastic author. She writes all kinds of things, you’re bound to find something to tickle your fancy. You’ll get a great reading experience and the satisfaction of helping out someone in need.

Please, if you’re read Sommer’s work before give recommendations in the comments section then people can look through and find something they love.