So, it’s the 31st of October and thoughts go to things that go bump (and in my case hump)in the night. So I thought I’d share a bit of one of my vampire stories with you. I am sure you’re acquainted with The Point by now. It’s the vampire club in my Point Vamp series.

We’ve already met Hugh and Josh so I’m going to quickly introduce you to Kyle from Book 3. I’m just finishing off writing this novella so this is a very early sneak peek. Please bear in mind only I have edited it so far, so be lenient as you read it!

Kyle was a young, naive human and is continuing those traits in death. He still lives at home with his gran and he works in the local supermarket. He’s just getting to grips with the whole Vampire thing when he accidently knocks Janine’s drink over. Janine is the complete opposite of Kyle, human and experienced.

Here’s what happens when they meet.

“look, I know it’s a bit of an outside chance and I’m all ready for you to shoot me down but I couldn’t help but notice you’re wearing your blood drops and I was wondering if you’d like to come back to the VIP rooms with me.”

You see, regulars at the point could purchase little pins in the shape of a blood drop. One meant they were newbies, two meant they’d been regularly drunk from and three was for those few who’d been fed upon fifty times or more. Most vampires would avoid approaching people who didn’t display these drops whereas some purposefully avoided them. I looked for women with two drops at least and Janine had three.

“Well, sure, why not?” She smiled for the first time since I’d met her and it was a beautiful smile that completely changed her face for the good, “but I do things differently, it’s only fair to tell you that now.”

“Different can be good,” I replied with a smirk.

“And I’m expensive,” she added, “I won’t even move from here for less than one hundred pounds.”

“I can afford that,” I said without thinking. I was at the time working in the supermarket but as a vamp I found I spent less money on consumables and more on blood to consume. I was hungry and I wanted her, which seemed strange even to myself. She’d been less than nice and so terribly icy but there had been something in her smile that sparked my desire.

“Well, lead on, then,” She grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the VIP doors.

I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing but at that point the blood lust had taken over. I nodded to Andre on the way past into the VIP area, he’d been a security guard in life and was even more intimidating in death.

“Is room nine free?” My partner asked, “it’s my favourite number,” she explained to me.

“You’re in luck, Janine,” the female vamp on the other side of the door from Andre replied, “that room has just been cleaned”
We walked along the corridor to the specified room. Vampire hearts, though technically unneeded still thud heavily in dramatic situations and at that moment I was more nervous than the night I lost my virginity.

Alright, I know I am undead and therefore meant to be macho and incapable of fear but I am afraid cowardice was one of my human character traits that continued after death.

“Okay-what’s your name again?” She asked as I closed the door behind us. None of the doors in The Point locked so the humans felt safe. Truth is if a vamp went crazy and wouldn’t stop after ten seconds sucking the person would be dead before the security vamps could help them. The greedy vamp would be kicked out of the club for eternity but that really isn’t much compensation and as such it isn’t a fact we make public.

“Kyle,” I replied, “and you’re Janine, right?”

“Yes, that’s me,” she replied distracted from the conversation by pulling off her shoes.” Now this is how it will go.” She stood up and pulled the clip from her brunette hair so it swished around her shoulders.” I am going to come but you are not to touch me, not one finger, right?” She slipped the short sexy black dress she was wearing down her body ’til it pooled on the ground at her feet.

“Okay,” I said, my eyes fixed on her naked curves and anticipating the next revelation.

“You can get yourself off,” she continued in the same matter of fact and slightly bored tone that she’d used before as if she was a waitress reading out the day’s specials and not a woman stripping for an increasingly aroused and hungry vampire.

“But you mustn’t get any vamp goo on me or miss my orgasm ‘cos you’re too caught up in trying to have your own.”

The bra was next to go and Kyle muffled a moan as her ample breasts tumbled from their black lace prison.

“And you will suck me as I come, not before and not after. I will tell you when my orgasm hits and I expect your fangs to be buried in my skin no more than three seconds later.”

She turned her back on me and pulled off her black knickers which meant I got a clear and arousing view of her behind. It made me think she was enjoying this show more than she was letting on.

“Right, I said when I realised she was looking at me, “I’ve got it.”

Janine walked over to the bed in two easy strides. She seemed so confident and at ease that I truly felt a little in awe of her at that moment.

She lay down on the bed propped up on the pillows. I watched from my standing position by the door as she lewdly spread her legs and snaked an eager yet delicate hand down to her pussy.
I took a step forward to get a closer look and before I knew it I was at the end of the bed watching her fingers sink in and out of her.

She watched me as I sat down at the very bottom edge of the bed. Her cold stare warned me to keep my distance and it was only when she was convinced that I would comply that her eyes closed and her fingers sticky with her juices sought out her clit.

I have never been more desperate to go down on a woman than I was at that moment. I wanted to taste her. She smelled so good, Like ripe lychees and refreshing melon and at that moment I felt a thirst I had not experienced since I was alive.

I was so focused on the soft curves of her pussy lips and the shiny pearl that would peek between her fingers as she wanked that I didn’t even think about touching the hard on which was eagerly trying to escape the confines of my trousers. I glanced up to her face and our gazes met. She gasped as the lust in her eyes found a match in my own and with a wry smile she closed her eyes once more.

“I’m close,” she gasped a moment later and I scrabbled closer.
“Wait,” Janine said, as I leaned in, “just a little more…” and then she tensed and I knew the time was right.

I wrapped my arms around her and plunged my fangs into her exposed neck. The blood was good, the best I had ever tasted. I drank eagerly but remembered the strict training and counted as I sucked. On the count of ten I pulled away, reluctantly and paused just a few inches away from her skin.

“Right, that’s it,” she said and pulled away from me. I could have held her back but I was still so aroused and needy that I didn’t even move. “I’ll take my money, now, please.”

I hope to be submitting this soon and so I would hope to be announcing The Vampire’s Choice publish date in the near future!