Spilling out all Over.

Oh yes. Flesh Spills and Secret Thrills is out and me and my mate Lucy Felthouse Share its pages!

House of Erotica brings you a collection of sexy rubenesque short stories, sensually written by Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse. This range of exciting stories will leave you desperately wanting to read on…

Stories include:-

Flesh Spills and Secret Thrills

When Lorella’s boyfriend Chris suggests that she’d look sexy in a corset, she finds the mere thought hilarious. A big girl like her would look ridiculous in such a thing! But as she’s always up for trying something new, she hits the online shops. When her new corset arrives, Lorella can’t wait to try it on and see how she looks, ready to surprise Chris when he gets home. But when she does, she gets a thrilling surprise of her own.

Miri on the Wall

Callum’s a prolific artist, with many beautiful models on his books. But there’s only one that stands out for him – Miri. He’s never had the courage to do anything about his feelings, though. When a client commissions a nude painting of a rubenesque woman, Callum has a dilemma. Miri is the only suitable model – but will she agree to the project? And how will Callum cope with the object of his love and lust being completely naked in front of him?

Down Amongst the Daffodils

Rachel bumps into an old crush from school, Stephen, who’s now a gardener at a local park. They get down and dirty in the grass besides the bright yellow daffodils…

Carnal Praise

The Bishop is visiting and Caroline is practising her solo when her husband stops accompaning her on the piano and initiates a far more carnal kind of praise.


Here’s a taster from my story Down Amongst the Daffodils:

“I love daffodils.” My words break the quiet. He looks up, flicking a small hair from off his face as I continue: “They’re just so bright, and such a beautiful shape. The trumpet is almost phallic. It’s like they’re proclaiming the potency of spring, the new life and the processes that create that new life.”

I’m sure there had been a good couple of meters between us when I started talking, but now he is right next to me, his nose virtually touching mine. I smile weakly, my cheeks flush even more and my body strains to touch his. Without a word his head dips and his lips kiss mine.

My stomach flips over, tightening with pleasure. It is shocking enough to feel his warm lips caressing mine, but when he clasps me in his arms, my mind turns to thoughtless goo. My body is in charge; my hands grasp at his buttocks and pull him in, ’til I can feel his hard cock pressing into me.

“God, I want you,” he groans, as he draws breath. I feel him pushing me backwards and I struggle against him. Part of my brain is trying to tell me that we can’t do anything here. What if someone sees? It’s a losing battle, though. I trip over a root and land roughly on my bottom in the muddy grass. Stephen lands on top of me, forcing me to lie flat on my back. All I can see now is the stems of the proud daffodils.

“Are you okay?” Stephen gasps. He splits my legs around his kneeling body, leaning over and kissing my lips, my cheeks and along my throat.

“Yes,” I gasp, enjoying the tingling of his kisses. “The ground is soft and my bottom is well padded.”

“Oh, yes it is.” Stephen groans and his kisses continue down my neck, and into my cleavage.

My heart pounds as his fingers grasp my zip and pull open my jacket. I gasp as his cold fingers lift up the cotton of my t-shirt and his lips kiss across my stomach, his fingers easing my breasts from their confines.

“We can’t do this here,” I weakly protest, feeling the soft heat of the spring sun on my exposed flesh and the wind gently caressing my nipples.

“We sure as hell can,” Stephen exclaims, taking a nipple between his lips and sucking, then nibbling at it. My back arches and my crotch rubs against his. “I’ve waited far too bloody long for this, and I am going to have you now, right now.”

His mouth ravishes my boob and once more I object. Albeit feebly.

“We might be seen…”

“Let them watch,” Stephen hisses, slipping down to my belly button, his tongue dipping into it. I wonder how that tongue would feel dipping inside my damp pussy, which is getting wetter with every lick. “I could have thumped those idiots who dragged me away from you on Saturday. Rachel, I wanted you so much. I went home and thought about you all damn night. I wondered how you’d feel, how you’d taste…and I’m going to find out now. I can’t wait any more.”

His fingers flick my skirt up and I hear him groan. I remember that I hadn’t put on any knickers this morning.

“I like to feel the wind caressing me,” I whisper, blushing.

“I knew you were a naughty, dirty girl,” Stephen groans.

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